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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 12, 2014

Sorry these mini rambles are so late this week, I was at a convention with limited internet access. That post will be up later this week.


Batman #28

1) Even though it’s an interruption in Zero Year, this was an intriguing look into the future.
2) Love having no idea what’s happening, and getting just enough information to stay interested.
3) Waiting for Batman Eternal to catch up to this story is going to feel like it’s taking eternity. Pun intended.

Liked a lot. Continue reading


Comics: Mini Rambles – January 15, 2014


Constantine #10

1) A strange but interesting issue without a lot of action.
2) God (or the voice of god) is a dog.
3) Inconsistent art was a bit distracting.

Liked. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – December 11, 2013


Avengers A.I. #7

1) Doombot vs Daredevil is all sorts of brilliant.
2) Didn’t love art, everyone looked slightly bigger than usual.
3) As good as this issue was, it was still an event tie-in that interrupted the ongoing plot.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – November 13, 2013


Batman #25

1) Wish we’d gotten to “see” the blackout, rather than just being told there was one.
2) Really liked the conversation between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. Looking forward to seeing what develops from there.
3) Maybe I’m missing something, but what was the relevance of the words on the helmet at the end?

LOVED. But why on earth was it $4.99? Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – October 16, 2013


Animal Man #24

1) Creepy, haunting, gorgeous art.
2) It sounds odd to say, but the lettering was amazing.
3) Animal Man is powerless and will eventually have to face Brother Blood.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – August 14, 2013


Batman #23

Classic but modern. The Red Hood Gang. The Riddler. A Bruce Wayne who’s not quite Batman yet. And a backup story that’s just as good as the main one. Continue reading