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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 19, 2014


Animal Man #28

1) Intense and powerful and a wonderful penultimate issue to this fantastic book.
2) Love getting to see Maxine really having a chance to shine.
3) I wish I had a father like Buddy Baker.

Loved. Continue reading


Comics: Mini Rambles – January 22, 2014


All New Invaders #1

1) As someone who isn’t familiar with the Invaders, I appreciated that this was a first issue that didn’t require any previous knowledge of the team.
2) I had expected to see more of the other members of the team. Starting with Jim Hammond was a good idea, but having the more well known members might have helped.
3) Sometimes the faces looked a little… weird.

Liked. Enough to stay on for issue 2 at least. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – January 8, 2014


Avengers A.I. #8

1) Even though the .NOW issues are supposed to be good jumping on points, this issue doesn’t seem like a particularly good one for a first time reader.
2) Like seeing other superheroes show up in the story. The presence of Captain America and Rogue makes it feel like it exists in the same universe as the rest of the Marvel titles.
3) Love the continuing question of whether AIs should be considered life forms.

Loved. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – December 4, 2013


Daredevil Dark Nights #7

1) I don’t know a lot about Misty Knight, but is she always so… forward?
2) I actually love seeing Matt Murdock, rather than Daredevil.
3) Definitely more interesting than last issue.

Liked. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – November 6, 2013


Captain Marvel #17

1) Post-Infinity, and we return to the memory loss storyline. Still fantastic, despite the multiple issue gap for the event.
2) The supporting cast is just as strong as the lead.
3) This is the last issue of this volume of Captain Marvel (it’ll be back next year with new numbering), yet this issue is as good a last issue as it would be a first.

LOVED. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – October 23, 2013


Daredevil #32

1) Somehow completely serious at the same time as utterly absurd.
2) It’s an issue that includes a bunch of characters I’ve never heard of, but that’s okay, because we’ll be given enough information to figure it out.
3) The back and forth between Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson is exactly what a discussion between two long time friends should sound like.

LOVE. Horrified to discover it will be ending at issue 36. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – October 2, 2013


Daredevil Dark Knights #5

It’s not a complicated issue, as Daredevil chases a ten inch little man who is carrying a bomb and intending to kill the man who had his cousin murdered. And all the while, the Avengers are battling a giant monster. But the plot isn’t the best part of the story. The best part is seeing Daredevil forced to think about his ethics and the right thing to do. The craziness of the story is an added bonus. Continue reading