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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 26, 2014


Avengers Assemble #24

1) I’m finally liking Spider-Girl. I never really disliked her, but now I want to see what happens to her next.
2) Love the new Inhuman trait that showed up.
3) The banter between the characters is great.

Liked a lot. Continue reading


Comics: Mini Rambles – January 15, 2014


Constantine #10

1) A strange but interesting issue without a lot of action.
2) God (or the voice of god) is a dog.
3) Inconsistent art was a bit distracting.

Liked. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – December 18, 2013


Animal Man #26

1) Love the idea that the Red and the Green are bigger than just Earth.
2) Everything felt very rushed.
3) Liked the art, but it seemed very out of place with what the rest of the series has looked like.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – November 20, 2013


Animal Man #25

1) Love the fact that this book is still about a superhero who also has a family.
2) The Brother Blood arc is fine, but isn’t drawing me in the way previous storylines did.
3) That ending looks fantastic, but it seemed to come out of nowhere.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – October 16, 2013


Animal Man #24

1) Creepy, haunting, gorgeous art.
2) It sounds odd to say, but the lettering was amazing.
3) Animal Man is powerless and will eventually have to face Brother Blood.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – September 11, 2013


Fantastic Four #12

Without question, the highlight of this issue was the dialogue between the characters. Even Valeria’s not-acting-like-a-child-in-the-slightest didn’t bother me. I didn’t love the art, but any problems I had with it weren’t enough to impact my enjoyment of the story. Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – August 14, 2013


Batman #23

Classic but modern. The Red Hood Gang. The Riddler. A Bruce Wayne who’s not quite Batman yet. And a backup story that’s just as good as the main one. Continue reading