Comics: Mini Rambles – February 12, 2014

Sorry these mini rambles are so late this week, I was at a convention with limited internet access. That post will be up later this week.


Batman #28

1) Even though it’s an interruption in Zero Year, this was an intriguing look into the future.
2) Love having no idea what’s happening, and getting just enough information to stay interested.
3) Waiting for Batman Eternal to catch up to this story is going to feel like it’s taking eternity. Pun intended.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 5, 2014


All New Invaders #2

1) The story might be moving a little too slowly, but for people who aren’t as familiar with the characters, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
2) Some of the action scenes are slightly confusing to look at.
3) Love the interactions between Captain America, Winter Soldier, and the Human Torch.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – January 29, 2014


Avengers Assemble #23.INH

1) Love seeing superheroes as people.
2) Even though I like the story, I miss the larger team dynamic.
3) Really like how bright everything feels.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – January 22, 2014


All New Invaders #1

1) As someone who isn’t familiar with the Invaders, I appreciated that this was a first issue that didn’t require any previous knowledge of the team.
2) I had expected to see more of the other members of the team. Starting with Jim Hammond was a good idea, but having the more well known members might have helped.
3) Sometimes the faces looked a little… weird.

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Asexuality – An Update (aka Flirting is Fun)

How has it already been more than two years since I came out as asexual? It feels like either yesterday or a lifetime ago.

So much has changed since that day in 2011 when I discovered that I wasn’t alone and that I wasn’t broken. And even more has changed since I said it aloud and came out of the closet I didn’t know I was in. (Asexuality) Continue reading

Comics: Mini Rambles – January 15, 2014


Constantine #10

1) A strange but interesting issue without a lot of action.
2) God (or the voice of god) is a dog.
3) Inconsistent art was a bit distracting.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – January 8, 2014


Avengers A.I. #8

1) Even though the .NOW issues are supposed to be good jumping on points, this issue doesn’t seem like a particularly good one for a first time reader.
2) Like seeing other superheroes show up in the story. The presence of Captain America and Rogue makes it feel like it exists in the same universe as the rest of the Marvel titles.
3) Love the continuing question of whether AIs should be considered life forms.

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