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Baltimore Comic Con, Part 2 – As a Writer

It’s taken some time to accept the fact, but I am a writer. And it’s taken even longer, but I am now (relatively) comfortable telling people that when they ask.

But it’s still weird to say it when surrounded by people whose primary job is writing.

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Maybe I am a Writer After All…?

Sometimes you have to take chances to succeed.
Sometimes you’ll discover that you can do things that you’d never have imagined.
Sometimes you’ll fail.
Sometimes failure is the motivation you need to get better.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was questioning whether I could consider myself a writer. And I concluded after a long mental ramble (Not Really a Writer?) that maybe, maybe the next time someone asked if I wrote, I’d be able to say yes.

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Not Really a Writer?

There are some questions that shouldn’t be difficult. What’s your name? How do you like  your coffee? Where do you go to school? During Chicago Tardis, I was asked a theoretically non-difficult question that left me stumped. “Do you write?”

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