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Baltimore Comic Con – September 2-4, 2016

I don’t do often, but I’m going to play the I’m a female geek card.

You hear stories about female geeks being forced to “prove” their credibility, and being accused of not really being a geek, and being mansplained to.

You know what doesn’t happen at Baltimore Comic Con? Any of that. At least not as far as I have ever experienced. From a costume that no one recognized to a 2am conversation sparked by my spaceship tattoo covered leg, I never once felt that I was being treated as not a real fan.

It makes Baltimore special.

Whether I was hunting art or getting commissions in Artist Alley, talking to creators of favorite books, buying toys (way too many toys), or just chatting with other con goers, I felt completely accepted.

I’ve been going to conventions for more than twenty years. And while I’ve been lucky in regards to how I’ve been treated, there’s always that one person. Sometimes it’s as simple as being nudged out of the way, sometimes it’s a picture being taken that just makes you feel a little uncomfortable, sometimes it’s more overt.

But in my four years at Baltimore Comic Con, none of that has ever happened. I’ve had conversations with men, women, young, old, comic fans, sci-fi fans, fans of things I’ve never even heard of. And I’ve never felt like I didn’t belong. Even when I didn’t know a single person other than my roommate, I met people right away. People who I still look forward to catching up with every year.

Baltimore Comic Con is a special convention. It’s the one that I make sure to request vacation days for as soon as I can. It’s the one that I would go to, even if I couldn’t afford anything but food. It’s the one that I wouldn’t miss, no matter what.


Obligatory “Who I Am” Post

A few weeks ago, I found myself starting to get “think-y.” I’m sure there’s a better word out there for it, but I haven’t been able to figure out quite what that word is. So I’ll stick with think-y for now.

I’ve always done most of my rambling on livejournal, but some of my recent thoughts haven’t really fit in with what I use livejournal for. So, therefore, I’m starting something new. Somewhere that I can ramble about things that are more random. Theatre, fandom, technology, school, etc. Anything I come up with.

I’m also not planning on worrying about offending people. If you don’t like my opinions, sorry. Sort of. As my networking instructor has said many times, “The only thing pc here is the computer.” And since I use a Mac, you may not even get that much. I certainly won’t be going out of my way to offend anyone, but if it happens, it happens. I’ve spent enough time worrying about staying neutral. I like to argue, as hard as it may be to believe sometimes, but I need to have opinions to argue about.

So here goes!