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I’m Not a Feminist, but I’m Still a Girl

I’m not a feminist. There isn’t anything wrong with being one, it’s simply not a description I’ve ever applied to myself.

But I am still female.

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When Formats Collide

I know it’s not a new topic of discussion, but recently I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about digital vs physical media. Books, comics, movies, television, music. Most people seem to have a very distinct preference for one or the other.

But some people, like this geek girl, hover somewhere in between.

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An Open Letter to Anyone Who Builds Computers

An open letter to anyone who builds computers.

Building computers is fun. I love to get boxes with the different components in them, lay them out, organise them, and put them together. I like being able to look at a computer and think, “I couldn’t have bought that in a store, it’s made exactly to my specifications.”

And that works great, up to a point.

It works until your supervisor at work comes up with a crazy idea to build a computer (but not a server) that will run as a server, with 32-64GB of RAM. And then orders all the parts, leaves the boxes all over your desk, tells you to put it together, and goes to lunch. And you read the instructions, and you figure out how to arrange the way too complicated CPU fan, and you keep dropping the screws, but eventually everything is ready to go. And you open the case to insert the motherboard.

And it doesn’t fit.

So, my dear computer enthusiasts/professionals/supervisors/etc, if you decide to order individual pieces to create a single computer, please make sure that the motherboard fits the case first. Otherwise you have half-connected computer bits sitting on top of their static proof bags, a very irritated IT technician, and no room to do anything else in an already overfilled IT office.

Thank you.

Geek Girl

Hard Drives

Hi, I’m GeekGirl, and I have an addiction to hard drives.

Actually, I have an addiction to most things technical, but there’s something about hard drives that really attracts me. I love walking around the computer departments of stores and dreaming about what I want to buy when I have money again, but it’s always the aisle with the hard drives that tempts me to actually get my wallet out. To be honest, I have no need for more hard drives. If I did, this would be an entirely different discussion. But I have four drives that I use on a regular basis, one of which is a 1.5 TB thing of beauty. I don’t need the space. I don’t even use all of the space I have.

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An Apple Love Affair

When the news of the death of Steve Jobs crossed my twitter feed, I decided that this was an appropriate time to write about my eternal love affair with all things Apple.

I was six years old when I first encountered an Apple computer. I don’t remember which model it was, but I clearly recall sitting in an accelerated learning classroom with this strange box with a screen in front of me, talking to a person somewhere on the other side of the world. And twenty-two years later, I can still visualise the Apple logo at the bottom of that box.

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