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New York Comic Con – October 11-13, 2013


I have issues with New York Comic Con. My biggest is simply the size. The Javitz Center isn’t big enough to hold 130,000 people. And while it doesn’t effect me directly, the fact that panels fill up hours before the panel actually starts isn’t exactly a good thing. There’s also a lack of communication that makes things like getting in line to enter the convention a challenge.


But despite a few problems, this year really was a lot of fun. I met new people, got to do some things that I’ve never done before, and generally really enjoyed myself. Continue reading


Journal of a Not-a-Cosplayer

I’m not a cosplayer. That may sound familiar, I’ve said it before. But even though I don’t consider myself a cosplayer, I have worn the occasional costume.

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New York Comic Con – October 12-14, 2012

Some years at New York Comic Con are better than others. I’ve been to one that ranks among my favourite conventions ever and one that was just so-so. This year, it fell somewhere in between. There were some moments that I will treasure for the rest of my life and some that left me frustrated.

Overall, though, I had a good time, and I’m looking forward to next year. Continue reading

New York Comic Con – October 2011

New York Comic Con isn’t my favourite convention. It’s too large and crowded for this claustrophobic fan. And yet I find myself returning year after year. Part of the reason is the location. I’m in New York at least a few days a month anyway, so to not go to a convention that’s so easy to attend seems absurd. I have friends to stay with, which eliminates the need to pay for a hotel room or take the two hour train ride each day. But surely that isn’t enough reason to continue to go.

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