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A Letter to Comic Shop Owners (and the people who work there)

Dear comic shop owners:

It has come to my attention that not all comic shops are as amazing as my local shop. I have been lucky; as a girl who started reading comics in her 20s, I have never been judged on what I read/don’t read. And what I read is a lot of DC and Marvel, as well as scattered titles from other publishers.

But recently I saw someone who owns a comic shop question whether his customers read crap.

Now I love visiting new comic shops, even though I always go back to “my shop.” And this shop had been pretty high up on my list of places to visit. I will not be going there now. I do not appreciate books I like being called crap. They may not be the best thing out there (in your opinion), but there are still people who love them.

Every title is someone’s favourite. And while you might not agree, the people who buy them are still your customers. Feel free to think what you want, but to state that sort of opinion in a very public place is a mistake.

Most people have multiple choices as to where they purchase their comics from. If they’re like me, there are six comic shops within a forty minute drive, two of which are less than ten minutes away. If they aren’t that lucky, there are websites you can order from. And then there are┬ádigital comics.

There is no reason to continue to go into a store that says the books that you enjoy are crap.

Superhero books are not better or worse than non-superhero books. Drama is not better than action. Original stories are not better than tie-in comics.

Comics are a format, not a genre. And people like all different genres.

So if you are going to call the books that your customers read “crap,” you might find yourself needing new customers soon.

Geek Girl


Comics: Mini Rambles – February 26, 2014


Avengers Assemble #24

1) I’m finally liking Spider-Girl. I never really disliked her, but now I want to see what happens to her next.
2) Love the new Inhuman trait that showed up.
3) The banter between the characters is great.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 19, 2014


Animal Man #28

1) Intense and powerful and a wonderful penultimate issue to this fantastic book.
2) Love getting to see Maxine really having a chance to shine.
3) I wish I had a father like Buddy Baker.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 12, 2014

Sorry these mini rambles are so late this week, I was at a convention with limited internet access. That post will be up later this week.


Batman #28

1) Even though it’s an interruption in Zero Year, this was an intriguing look into the future.
2) Love having no idea what’s happening, and getting just enough information to stay interested.
3) Waiting for Batman Eternal to catch up to this story is going to feel like it’s taking eternity. Pun intended.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – February 5, 2014


All New Invaders #2

1) The story might be moving a little too slowly, but for people who aren’t as familiar with the characters, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
2) Some of the action scenes are slightly confusing to look at.
3) Love the interactions between Captain America, Winter Soldier, and the Human Torch.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – January 29, 2014


Avengers Assemble #23.INH

1) Love seeing superheroes as people.
2) Even though I like the story, I miss the larger team dynamic.
3) Really like how bright everything feels.

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Comics: Mini Rambles – January 22, 2014


All New Invaders #1

1) As someone who isn’t familiar with the Invaders, I appreciated that this was a first issue that didn’t require any previous knowledge of the team.
2) I had expected to see more of the other members of the team. Starting with Jim Hammond was a good idea, but having the more well known members might have helped.
3) Sometimes the faces looked a little… weird.

Liked. Enough to stay on for issue 2 at least. Continue reading