Howdy ya’ll.

I’m a geek, which should be pretty obvious by the title of this blog.

I’ve been active in various fandoms, including Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate, Highlander, and many more, since the early 1990s. I’m an computer and technology addict, mainly Apple, but I studied networking in a Windows world. I majored in sound design in college, so I can add theatre geek to the list of geek-isms.

I used to be very shy, and it still shows sometimes. But I’ve learned (or am still learning) not to let myself be pushed into the corner. I’m not afraid to offend people, though I promise to not offend anyone intentionally. If you disagree with what I say, please tell me! I may be lacking information that would sway my views, and vice versa.

So yeah, that’s a little about me. You’ll learn more about me as I post, since the reason for the creation of this blog is to be think-y.


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