Baltimore Comic Con – September 25-27, 2015

Here’s the thing about Baltimore Comic Con.

It’s brilliant.

And it’s not anything specific. It’s something you can’t describe. People actively enjoy being there. Maybe part of it is the location. I mean, the Inner Harbor is beautiful. Maybe it’s the comics centric nature of the show. While there were some media guests there, it never felt like they were the entire focus of the weekend. Maybe it’s the people. Actually, scratch that. It’s definitely the people.

Baltimore Comic Con is good enough to give me a press pass to the show. And while I’m sure I could report on panels, and do interviews, and cover the news from the show, I’d much rather take the opportunity to just talk to folks. There are plenty of people who cover the specifics. I want to cover the atmosphere.

Because the atmosphere is special. Never once do I feel out of place. Where else can you go and be completely comfortable among friends and strangers equally? Where can you start a conversation during the day while waiting in line for an autograph and pick that conversation back up right where you left off when you’re hanging out in the bar that evening? Where can you step away from the table for five minutes and come back to new people standing there and you’re trading stories 30 seconds later? That’s Baltimore Comic Con.

Sometimes you plan things out carefully, and they work out perfectly. Travel, flawless, despite some last minute changes. Costumes, amazing. Remembering to eat, well that didn’t work out quite as well.

But sometimes the best moments happen completely unexpectedly. Like the time when you’re wearing your Grayson costume and talking to a friend, when a guy walks up, fanboys a bit at your costume, and you get to take him over and introduce him to the writer. Or when you’re chatting at the bar with people only to discover that they’re guests of the convention when you run into them the following day. And you know what? No one treats you any different. Except maybe yourself, when you realise that maybe you’re not “special” or “important,” but people like you anyhow.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before, but it can always be said again. Baltimore Comic Con is by far my favourite comic convention. It’s even close to my favourite any convention.

And so much of why is because of the people. The staff, guests, fans, everyone. The feel of the convention is hard to describe if you’ve never been. So hard, in fact, that my solution to trying was to just drag a friend along with me this year. She’s been hearing me rave about it for the last three years. She wasn’t disappointed.


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