Comics: Mini Rambles – February 26, 2014


Avengers Assemble #24

1) I’m finally liking Spider-Girl. I never really disliked her, but now I want to see what happens to her next.
2) Love the new Inhuman trait that showed up.
3) The banter between the characters is great.

Liked a lot.


Deadly Class #2

1) Last issue was a great introduction to Marcus, this issue is an introduction to the Kings Dominion School of the Deadly Arts.
2) Typical high school groups and cliques, but with interesting twists.
3) Love the “nobody will sit with me at lunch” scene.



Fantastic Four #1

1) A good relaunch of the Fantastic Four, though it does include some moments that might not resonate as well if you don’t know the previous volumes.
2) The red is going to take some getting used to. But I like it.
3) I’m curious about how much of the last volume of the Fantastic Four has happened. Even though I was completely off it by the end, this seems like it starts fresh, rather than even mention any of those events.

Liked a lot.


The Flash #28

1) Really like getting to see more of Barry Allen, CSI.
2) The idea of Deadman teaming up with the Flash may seem odd, but it works surprisingly well.
3) Sometimes the pacing seemed a little off. Some moments were fast, the way a Flash story should be, but others felt like they were dragging a bit.

Liked a lot.


Hacktivist #2

1) Loving just how relevant this story is. But wishing we got to see a bit more of how social media can effect things from the street level.
2) Looking forward to seeing how things change based on the last few pages.
3) I forgot that this was only a four issue miniseries, it feels like it could go on a lot longer than that.

Liked a lot.


Hawkeye #15

1) As much as I love Kate Bishop, I am SO glad to have a new Clint Barton issue this month.
2) A fight scene that includes Hawkeye with his pants around his ankles.
3) Holy cliffhanger, Batman! The good thing about issues 15 and 16 being released out of order is that I only have to wait a month for more of this story.



Indestructible Hulk #19

1) “Hulk breaks, Banner builds.” But what Banner sees as broken lead to unintended results.
2) Even though this is still an Inhumanity tie-in, it also works as a Hulk story.
3) Like getting to know more about the lab assistants, even though after 19 issues I feel that we should already know more.



Justice League Dark #28

1) Are we still in this crossover within a crossover story?
2) Too long, too drawn out, and it felt like nothing really happened.
3) The art feels rather lifeless this issue.

Not dropping completely, but I’m taking a break until the crossovers are finished.


Larfleeze #8

1) Tired of seeing Larfleeze portrayed as stupid.
2) Love the pages of Larfleeze on his throne.
3) I’ve liked that this book was separate from the rest of the Lantern books, but it looks like that might be ending soon.

Eh. This may get put in my to read later pile, if I decide to keep picking it up.


Talon #16

1) I like the idea of this story more than the actual story.
2) Love the underwater scenes.
3) The story felt like it came to an end a few issues ago, and since next issue is the final one, this almost feels unnecessary.



Teen Titans #28

1) Way way way too much exposition, and do we have to be reminded who everyone is in every issue?
2) Bart Allen has always been one of my favourite characters, and this story just keeps destroying what I love about him.
3) Solstice. Wait, what? And why?

Um, I have no words. With three issues left, is it worth dropping?


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