Comics: Mini Rambles – February 19, 2014


Animal Man #28

1) Intense and powerful and a wonderful penultimate issue to this fantastic book.
2) Love getting to see Maxine really having a chance to shine.
3) I wish I had a father like Buddy Baker.



Daredevil #36

1) The perfect final issue of an almost perfect run.
2) Even having predicted it, the explanation for the bombshell at the end of last issue and reason for leaving New York was brilliant.
3) I still don’t understand why there was a need to relaunch this with a new #1 issue next month, rather than just start a new arc. But as long as it keeps going, I’m good with that.



Iron Man Annual #1

1) While I enjoyed the first segment of this issue, I have no idea what it’s based on. Did I miss an issue or a tie-in somewhere?
2) The second part was interesting, and I like the focus on Arno.
3) Love the third part, which focuses on Pepper and Marc.

Liked, but rather inconsistent and somewhat confusing.


Justice League #28

1) I knew nothing about the Metal Men going into this issue, but I really want to know more now.
2) The same complaint I’ve had about a lot of the Forever Evil tie-ins is the lack of actual tie-in.
3) Not perfect, but it made me feel happy, and when so many comics are serious, that says a lot.

Liked a lot.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #28

1) After a chunk of time when I was seriously considering dropping this book, it’s finally back to being fun.
2) This issue may not feel like it matters a whole lot in the long run, but it closes the door on the past and opens the door for the new creative team to step in and start fresh.
3) Where did all the people in the club disappear to?

Liked a lot.


One response to “Comics: Mini Rambles – February 19, 2014

  • Steve M

    Honestly, I’m sad to see Animal Man ending next month, but it’s definitely better to go out on a high. I’ve loved this series since the first issue of the N52 relaunch, and although it’ll be missed in my monthly pull box, I enjoyed the run immensely.

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