Comics: Mini Rambles – February 5, 2014


All New Invaders #2

1) The story might be moving a little too slowly, but for people who aren’t as familiar with the characters, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
2) Some of the action scenes are slightly confusing to look at.
3) Love the interactions between Captain America, Winter Soldier, and the Human Torch.



Avengers A.I. #9

1) Back to the question of human vs machine, which is, to me, where this book shines.
2) Not sure about the necessity of having Captain America and Rogue involved. They tie this to the larger Marvel universe, but they also seem unnecessary.
3) Anytime physics doesn’t behave the way we think it should, opens the possibility of incredible moments.

Liked a lot.


Black Widow #3

1) There are so many wonderful little moments that help us start to understand who Natasha is.
2) The art is still stunning in its simplicity.
3) So far the series seems a little “bad guy of the week.” In a few months, I might be proven completely wrong though.



Earth 2 #20

1) This issue felt a bit like filler before the next big action moment, but it also included some fantastic character moments.
2) Red Tornado’s facial expressions were very odd at times.
3) Red Arrow!

Liked a lot.


Forever Evil #5

1) Lots of villain vs villain action. Sinestro vs Power Ring was especially cool.
2) Not thrilled with how Batman was written. He felt very out of character from what we see everywhere else.
3) This mini-series has dragged a little, but hopefully things will begin to happen in the next issue.



Green Arrow #28

1) Some of the panels and layouts are absolutely insane. Gorgeous, creative, unique. I just want to keep looking at all the details.
2) Lots of characters and lots of plotlines are coming together and answering questions, and while it could be overwhelming and confusing, it’s not in the slightest.
3) It’s becoming hard to tell who the good guys really are, and that keeps things very interesting.



Loki Agent of Asgard #1

1) It’s not a secret that I’m not a big fan of Loki, but I admit that this issue has me intrigued.
2) There are some moments that would help to have background context for. If you’ve been reading Marvel stories for a long time, you’ll understand; if you haven’t, you might be a little confused.
3) It’s a fun story. Nothing earth shattering, but fun.



The Movement #9

1) Mouse attempts romance. And it works about as well as you’d expect.
2) Interesting to see how Batgirl, as an authority figure, and the Movement members react to one another.
3) A story that makes you question who and what is right.

Liked a lot.


Ms. Marvel #1

1) It’s a story about a young Muslim woman who becomes a superhero, but it’s so much more than that.
2) Kamala Khan is completely relatable and feels completely real.
3) The scene with the vision of the Avengers is absolute perfection.



Swamp Thing #28

1) Seeing three former Avatars of the Green reborn as humans is fantastic, and gives Swamp Thing more of a supporting cast.
2) The Avatar and Capucine plotlines seem like two different stories. The shift from one to the other isn’t quite as smooth as it could be.
3) Glad to finally be getting Capucine’s story, as well as moving on to new adventures.

Liked a lot.


Trillium #6

1) Slower than some of the previous issues, but just as emotionally stunning.
2) The scene with Nika and her mother might have worked better earlier in the story.
3) The upside down pages/panels didn’t quite work this issue. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to read and in what order.

Liked a lot.


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