Comics: Mini Rambles – January 29, 2014


Avengers Assemble #23.INH

1) Love seeing superheroes as people.
2) Even though I like the story, I miss the larger team dynamic.
3) Really like how bright everything feels.



Earth 2 Annual #2

1) An interesting re-imagining of Batman’s origin, and good to finally know the identity of this Earth 2 Batman.
2) Possibly a little too similar to other alternate Batman stories.
3) Gorgeous art.

Liked a lot.


Flash #27

1) A lot darker than the usual Flash stories, but it still has moments of fun.
2) Love that it feels like characters have a history between them, even without having seen it.
3) I already miss Francis Manapul’s art, but Patrick Zircher’s style worked for this issue.

Liked a lot.


Justice League Dark #27

1) I haven’t been reading the tie ins to Forever Evil: Blight, but it was easy to catch up, with a few lines of dialogue explaining what I missed.
2) I’m not a big fan of the spiritual aspect of the story, but this was an interesting take on it.
3) That first two page spread, of the bridge? Absolutely stunning.



Larfleeze #7

1) For a book called Larfleeze, a lot of the story was focused on the powerful beings from the other dimension.
2) The past couple of issues have shown some character development, but this one was back to the one dimensional “everything is mine” Larfleeze.
3) The art and the details are beautiful.



Never Ending #3

1) Really like the time jumping. It shows Chuck’s memories, rather than a simple linear progression of the story.
2) Love seeing the differences in how everything looks, depending on when the scene is taking place.
3) An unexpected and perfect ending. I almost wish it were longer, but I also don’t think it needed to be.



Saga #18

1) The conclusion of an arc that has finally caught up to issue 12.
2) Most, but not all, of the plot threads have come together.
3) Time jumps don’t always work, but I think done with the hiatus before the next issue, this one will be fine.



Talon #15

1) Loved the nonlinear storytelling.
2) We’ve seen the story of a new Talon before, so this seems somewhat repetitive.
3) Really like the new costume design though.



Teen Titans #27

1) Have we gotten reintroduced to the Teen Titans in every single issue? It certainly feels that way.
2) “It can be argued, lately, they’ve lost the plot.” Yep, that line sums it up.
3) All I can say is that this is painful.

There are only two issues and an annual left. And that’s the only reason I’m not completely giving right now.


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