Comics: Mini Rambles – January 15, 2014


Constantine #10

1) A strange but interesting issue without a lot of action.
2) God (or the voice of god) is a dog.
3) Inconsistent art was a bit distracting.



Daredevil #35

1) Plot threads coming together in ways you’d never expect.
2) Maybe it’s because I don’t have the past connection to her, but I’m not sure Elektra was necessary.
3) The end. Oh, the end. I might have seen it building to that point a little, but to see it actually happen was still a shock.



Fantastic Four #16

1) It feels like Fantastic Four and FF came out in the wrong order. The epilogue takes place after FF 16, which isn’t out until next week.
2) Still kind of confusing and it feels like a lot of plot threads weren’t resolved.
3) This hasn’t been my favourite run of Fantastic Four, but the epilogue had some great moments.

Liked, but is it bad to admit I’m relieved it’s over?


Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #4

1) In the middle of the seriousness that is Forever Evil, Rogues Rebellion is a lot more fun.
2) Love the dynamic of the Rogues. And I love learning more about their interpersonal relationships.
3) Have I mentioned lately that I’d love a Rogues ongoing after this?

Liked a lot.


Justice League 3000 #2

1) This book is what happens when you take the personalities of the Justice League to their extremes.
2) Sometimes the humour feel a little repetitive, but it’s still cute the first few times.
3) Sometimes the characters’ faces, especially Wonder Woman’s, look very strange.



Justice League of America #11

1) Enjoyed the beginning of the issue, when Stargirl and J’onn are in Gotham.
2) The flashbacks were confusing and rather unncessary, especially after the recent flashback issue.
3) As a Forever Evil tie-in, the story is starting to drag.



Nightwing #27

1) Still loving getting to see the person behind the superhero. Especially having to deal with snooping roommates, as so many people do.
2) Marionette, while not a character I necessarily expect to be remembered in the future, is rather interesting.
3) The cause of the reveal is a little iffy.



Velvet #3

1) A bit of a typical spy story, but it adds to the ongoing mystery.
2) Love the lack of high heels.
3) Wish there was more of a supporting cast, but the story is only three issues in.



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