Comics: Mini Rambles – January 8, 2014


Avengers A.I. #8

1) Even though the .NOW issues are supposed to be good jumping on points, this issue doesn’t seem like a particularly good one for a first time reader.
2) Like seeing other superheroes show up in the story. The presence of Captain America and Rogue makes it feel like it exists in the same universe as the rest of the Marvel titles.
3) Love the continuing question of whether AIs should be considered life forms.



Avengers World #1

1) Having gotten a little tired of the cosmic scale stories in Avengers, I like that this is based on Earth.
2) Maybe a few too many characters that I don’t know dealing with a few too many plot lines, but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.
3) For a #1, it’s not as new reader friendly as I’d have expected. May need to go back and reread some of Avengers to catch up.



Black Widow #1

1) The story throws you straight into the action with little introduction, and it works perfectly that way.
2) This is how you draw a female character in a tight costume without it looking overly sexualised.
3) Finally a #1 issue that’s completely open to new readers.



Daredevil Dark Nights #8

1) The banter between Misty Knight and Matt Murdock is adorable.
2) This sounds like an odd question, but what was the point of the plot?
3) And another odd point, which is probably because it’s been so cold here lately, but I really loved the beach scene.



Earth 2 #19

1) I still kind of miss when this book was about characters who weren’t in the “main” DC universe.
2) Like seeing how this Batman is different from the “regular” Batman.
3) The story feels like it’s dragging a bit, but it’s really cool to not have any idea what could happen next.



Federal Bureau of Physics #7

1) Wormholes!
2) I think one of the things to remember about this book is that it helps to go back and reread the previous issue before reading the new one.
3) Time travel and wormholes!

Liked a lot.


Green Arrow #27

1) The pacing feels kind of like Arrow, which is no way a bad thing.
2) There are a couple of splash pages that are just spectacular.
3) The reveal at the end might be a little predictable, but I still want to know what happens next.



Iron Man #20

1) Love the stealth suit.
2) Sentient (-ish) rings? Okay, bizarre, but kind of cool.
3) Still loving the relationship between Tony and Arno.

Liked a lot.


The Movement #8

1) Still a little too much story in not enough space, which makes it feel a little scattered.
2) Glad to see the police department being treated as less like the bad guys and more like a group with some bad members.
3) The team is finally a team!

Liked a lot.


Sex Criminals #4

1) Love the jumping back and forth in time. It keeps the story moving without it ever lagging.
2) It is gloriously refreshing to have a book about sex that doesn’t treat it like something to be embarrassed by.
3) As much as I adore the book, the letters column is amazing.



Swamp Thing #27

1) Love the fact that it looks and feels like you could reach out and touch nature on the pages.
2) A little confused as to what actually happened in the last couple of pages.
3) Glad that Swamp Thing has at least a bit of a supporting cast now.

Liked a lot.


Young Avengers #15

1) Maybe not a perfect ending, but one that just felt right.
2) “Princess, I’ve seen the way you look at me… You’re not that straight.” Whether serious or not, it made me smile.
3) I still find myself not hating Loki, and that still confuses me.

Liked a lot.


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