Comics: Mini Rambles – December 31, 2013


Flash #26

1) A nice stand alone issue, but it didn’t feel like it really mattered.
2) Love the comparison between Superman and the Flash in terms of speed.
3) I already miss Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato’s art and colours.



Justice League Dark #26

1) Its good, but it’s a tie-in story within a story arc that’s within another story arc. Confused? Yeah, so am I.
2) Constantine wandering around with no head for the first part of the book. Yep.
3) Enjoy seeing Night Nurse putting Constantine in his place.



Larfleeze #6

1) A bit silly, but fun.
2) Love the idea of Larfleeze being a living battery, but hasn’t that already been determined?
3) I’m still enjoying the story, but it’s starting to feel repetitive. Has anything actually happened yet?



Talon #14

1) The final issue of the arc that’s been building since the beginning and it’s very fitting.
2) Had some issues with the art, but nothing that really takes away any of the enjoyment.
3) Loved that it wrapped up enough details to feel complete, while still leaving enough open for the future.

Liked a lot.


Teen Titans #26

1) Finally finally getting Kid Flash’s origin. And it’s good. Not great, but good.
2) Enjoyed the art. It felt futuristic enough to work, though I’m very rarely happy with how futuristic worlds look anyway.
3) Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the Teen Titans react to what they’ve learned about Kid Flash.



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