Honorable Mentions of 2013

Honorable Mentions

Then there are a few comics that didn’t quite make my absolute favourites list, either because they weren’t up there with my favourites or there were only moments that I loved or various other reasons. But I didn’t want to skip them entirely, so here they are.

Batman and Robin #18


While I haven’t been loving the rotating cast of characters that Batman and Robin has become since Damian’s death, this issue is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read. It takes place immediately after Damian dies, and it is completely silent. And truly breathtaking.

Never Ending


Never Ending is two issues into a three issue mini series and I’m loving it. It’s dark, but not dark without hope. The only reason it’s not on my favourites list is because it’s not done. There hasn’t been a full story yet. The two issues that have been released are fantastic, but with only one to go, I’m hesitant to say it’s a favourite. But I also don’t want it to slip through the cracks next year.

The Movement


It took a little while to warm up to The Movement, but it eventually came very, very close to being a favourite. I’ve grown to like the characters, none of which I knew before starting to read this book. And despite having powers, the kids in the story seem like people we could pass on the street every day.

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time


Prisoners of Time wasn’t a perfect story in any way, but in the year leading up to Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, it was fantastic. Every Doctor (at least as far as we knew at the time) got their own story. And even with its imperfections, I looked forward to every new issue.

Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel broke my heart. I’ve never been a huge fan of female superheroes, or even female protagonists in general, but Carol Danvers is something special. The Enemy Within storyline is utterly brilliant.



Saga is one of those stories that you just can’t get enough of. The details are spectacular. This year it moved a little too slowly, as it’s taken the past… five(?) issues to catch up to the end of issue 12. And maybe it’s because the first year of Saga was so stunningly spectacular, but this year was great, just not quite as great.

Avengers A.I.


I liked the concept of Avengers A.I. more than the execution at the beginning. It improved, then got derailed by tie-ins. But the idea is still brilliant, and I still want to know what happens next.

Fearless Defenders


Another book with female leads that made me fall in love. The story was a bit up and down and sometimes too convoluted, but it was a hugely enjoyable read. And the covers are sheer brilliance. Every single one of them.

The Bunker


A time travel mystery that seems like it could take place right here and now. No superheroes or powers or bad guys. Just a group of friends who find a bunker that will change their lives.

Age of Ultron #10 AI


Age of Ultron was, shall we say, less than good. Age of Ulton 10 AI, however, was beyond good. I love Hank Pym, and this was a story all about him. And once you get to the end, and realise what you thought was happening was completely wrong, and you go back to reread it, it’s even better.

Favourite Comics of 2013


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