Favourite Comics of 2013

Favourite Comics of 2013

This is not a best of 2013 list. Because what I think is best is just my opinion, and even I can admit some of these aren’t what I’d call “best.” What they are, however, are my favourite comics of 2013. So in no particular order, here they are.

Sex Criminals


Fun, insane, brilliant. And as someone who has no interest in sex, for a book about exactly that to keep my interest says a lot about it. And the details in the art are amazing. You can easily spend as long looking at the backgrounds as reading the issues. It’s only three issues in and I can’t wait for more.

Sex Criminals 002-014




I don’t typically like kids and comedy isn’t one of my preferred genres. But FF bypasses those hesitations to be an extraordinary story. It’s sweet and funny and serious and even has some perfect meta moments. And the scene with Tong (you’ll know it when you read it) is possibly my favourite moment in comics this year. FF is ending with the next issue and it’s easily the title I will miss the most.





The reason I’ve developed a Daredevil addiction. I recently went back and read the majority of the previous volume of Daredevil, and while it’s good, really good, it emphasised exactly what I love about this one. The lightness and hope in the middle of some very dark situations is perfect. Matt Murdock the man is just as important as Daredevil the superhero. And Foggy’s storyline, and how it effects the people around him, just makes every feel very real.

Daredevil v3 030-014




If you aren’t already aware of how much I love Hawkeye, where have you been?! The year started with the Hurricane Sandy issue and just kept going. Plot lines came together, old and new characters came and went, and even having to wait for what felt like forever for new issues couldn’t effect my love for this book. I mean, there was an issue from Pizza Dog’s perspective!

Hawkeye 011-010


Red Hood and the Outlaws


It’s been up and down and I came close to dropping it on more than one occasion. But I kept going back to it, with no regrets. And late this year I figured out why. Red Hood and the Outlaws is hitting the buttons that Teen Titans always used to hit. Since that book isn’t doing its job, Red Hood and the Outlaws is filling in perfectly.



The Flash


I will never stop missing Wally West, but this version of Barry Allen has grown on me. He’s adorable and so normal, except for the super speed of course. I like his Rogues. But the best part of The Flash is the art. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen before and it feels full of motion, even when nothing is actually moving. More than any other book, this is the one I want posters on my walls from.





I love Nightwing. I love that Nightwing has finally left Gotham to have adventures that aren’t tied to Batman. There may have been a few too many tie-ins to events recently, and while those stories have been good, the stories that show Nightwing as his own hero are the ones that keep me loving this book.





The year started with Death of the Family, and while on first read it might not have been my favourite story, there’s no denying it was fascinating to watch the event unfold. And Zero Year is absolutely fantastic. Even though we know where the story will eventually end, the magic is in watching how it happens.

Batman (2011-) 022-019




A love story that is so much more than a love story. It crosses times, formats, expectations. Every time you read it there’s more to notice. It’s not perfect to read digitally, sometimes the upside down sections don’t want to rotate in a way that’s conducive to reading. But the fact that it includes pages that are upside down or in other unusual formats is brilliant.

Trillium 003-015


Something Terrible


There are no words for how extraordinary this 18 page digital comic is. It’s dark and painful and hopeful and personal and intense and came very close to making me cry, and I don’t cry. It’s about how superheroes are so much more than just characters on a page. (http://www.tencentticker.com/somethingterrible/)



Honorable Mentions of 2013

Comics that didn’t quite make my favourites list, but that I didn’t want to forget about entirely.


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