Comics: Mini Rambles – December 24, 2013


Doctor Who Special 2013

1) This was an issue for the fans. It’s not for the casual reader, but if you’re a fan of the show of the comics, it’s an absolute joy.
2) Love the little details thrown in.
3) Fun, meta, and a perfect way to end IDW’s amazing run of Doctor Who stories.



Forever Evil #4

1) Enjoyable, but the story feels like it’s taking longer than necessary to tell.
2) Do not like the fact that you almost have to read the tie-ins to understand what’s happening.
3) This might sound odd, but I like getting to see the villains given personalities that we can identify with.



Justice League #26

1) Is it just me or does the cover have nothing to do with the story?
2) Finding out the origins of the Crime Syndicate members is interesting, but doesn’t move the story forward.
3) Wish there was a reading order list for Forever Evil and its tie-ins, because especially with books that come out in the same week, there’s no way to know which to read first.



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