Comics: Mini Rambles – December 18, 2013


Animal Man #26

1) Love the idea that the Red and the Green are bigger than just Earth.
2) Everything felt very rushed.
3) Liked the art, but it seemed very out of place with what the rest of the series has looked like.



Avengers Assemble #22

1) Not a particularly complicated story, but still fun.
2) The characterisations and banter are fantastic.
3) Love the facial expressions.

Liked a lot.


Batman and Two-Face #26

1) Why is this still being called Batman and Two-Face? Two-Face is barely in it.
2) The pacing has finally sped up and the story didn’t feel like it was dragging as badly as previous issues.
3) Liked the art a lot, especially the moment with the cracked glass.

Liked. But giving this title a break. I miss when it was Batman and Robin, rather than Batman and Random Character of the Month.


Daredevil #34

1) A brilliant, subtle commentary on the state of racism in America. And a speech done in a way that doesn’t sound the slightest bit preachy.
2) Doctor Strange looks a little odd to me.
3) Seriously though, if you’re not reading this book, you’re missing something amazing.



Fantastic Four #15

1) This issue should be exciting, but it just isn’t.
2) Was the something’s-wrong-with-the-Fantastic-Four plot line, that’s been there since issue 1, really resolved this quickly?
3) I love the Fantastic Four, but I just don’t feel invested in them right now.

I’d say dropped, but there’s only one issue left.


FF #15

1) It’s wrong to be laughing in the middle of a big battle, right? With FF, it seems perfectly appropriate.
2) Tong’s Thing-suit is wearing a matching outfit!
3) I’m still devastated that this series is ending, but with one issue left, it’s been absolutely perfect.



Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #3

1) Not a particularly exciting or unique plot. Characters need to get from point A to point B with a bunch of detours and problems in between.
2) Characters are fantastic. I’m not usually a big fan of villains, but I find myself really caring about the Rogues.
3) Some inconsistencies in the art that are a little distracting.



Indestructible Hulk #17

1) Always like seeing Bruce Banner as a scientist again.
2) Some of the interactions with the other geniuses were very uncomfortable.
3) This issue moved a lot faster than other issues, and was definitely less bizarre.



Never Ending #2

1) An emotional, but not overly emotional, issue.
2) Love having no idea what’s going to happen next.
3) In the midst of a serious story, there are still some moments that you can’t help but smile at.



Pretty Deadly #3

1) Love love love the art; it’s absolutely stunning.
2) Enjoy the slow build as we find out more about the characters and what exactly is going on.
3) Still feel a little lost on occasion, but I think going back and reading a few issues in a row will help that.



Red Hood and the Outlaws #26

1) Finally, finally, finally, finally! And yes, that’s what I’m going to say about this.
2) There’s a moment when the whole feel of the story changed and it was wonderful.
3) Still having some issues with the art, but it was generally pretty decent.

It’s been a while since I said this, but LIKED. A lot.


Saga #17

1) Finally we have pay off from the last few issues, as time catches back up to the present we were at in issue #13.
2) There are so many different plots and stories happening and every one of them is equally as compelling.
3) Really like getting to see Marko’s darker side.

LOVED. (Do I really need to say that?)


Young Avengers #14

1) This is how you do different artists in the same issue without it feeling awkward.
2) Really enjoyed getting to see Miss America’s origins.
3) Young Avengers is at its strongest when it’s about relationships rather than action/adventure, and every bit of this issue was exactly that.



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