Comics: Mini Rambles – December 11, 2013


Avengers A.I. #7

1) Doombot vs Daredevil is all sorts of brilliant.
2) Didn’t love art, everyone looked slightly bigger than usual.
3) As good as this issue was, it was still an event tie-in that interrupted the ongoing plot.



Batman #26

1) Not my favourite issue of Zero Year, but I’m still enjoying the story.
2) Love the background history of Jim Gordon’s trenchcoat.
3) It’s weird to see Gotham in such bright colours, but it makes sense.



Federal Bureau of Physics #6

1) A slower issue, with a new character and a new bit of broken physics.
2) Time dilation! I’m a bit of a time travel nut, so anything have to do with time weirdness makes me happy.
3) The art style still isn’t my favourite, but it really works for this type of story.



Justice League #25

1) Still filling in details on the events between Trinity War and Forever Evil.
2) Love seeing the twisted origins, leading to the differences between Earth 3 and our Earth.
3) Glad to be getting more Nightwing finally. Curious to see how developments play out.

Liked a lot.


Justice League 3000 #1

1) Well this is an intriguing approach to the Justice League a thousand years into the future.
2) Love that we just dive right into the action.
3) Not a huge fan of the art. Plus is it just me or are Bruce and Clark very hard to differentiate?



Justice League of America #10

1) Liked the angle chosen to explain Stargirl’s origin.
2) Lots of very repetitive moments between Stargirl and Martian Manhunter.
3) What the h*ll is going on with the cover? Is Stargirl taking a dump of lightning?



Nightwing #26

1) Love getting to see Dick Grayson interact with his roommates. Nightwing is great, but seeing the human side of the hero makes it feel more real.
2) Enjoyed the banter between Nightwing and Marionette.
3) Liked the art a lot. It made the action feel even more exciting.



Worlds Finest #18

1) Power Girl’s powers are still on the fritz. She still talks about “sunbathing.”
2) I honestly have no idea what happened in this issue, and more importantly, I’m not sure it even matters.
3) I’m out of things to say.



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