Comics: Mini Rambles – December 4, 2013


Daredevil Dark Nights #7

1) I don’t know a lot about Misty Knight, but is she always so… forward?
2) I actually love seeing Matt Murdock, rather than Daredevil.
3) Definitely more interesting than last issue.



Doctor Who #16

1) Even with a lot of characters, everyone gets solid screen time.
2) This issue in particular felt like an episode of the series.
3) The perfect conclusion to this particular four part story and to IDW’s entire Doctor Who run.



Earth 2 #18

1) I thought this book was supposed to be about characters that don’t exist on the “main” Earth.
2) Loving this Batman, even though we don’t know who he is yet.
3) I will never be able to pass up saying that the art is gorgeous.

Liked a lot. Glad I didn’t drop it when I was considering it.


Fearless Defenders #12

1) I know it was the last issue, but it still felt very rushed.
2) Some characters barely had any page time and some didn’t even speak.
3) I loved the open ending, it gives me hope maybe this will come back someday.

Liked a lot.


Green Arrow #26

1) An issue that should feel redundant, but definitely doesn’t.
2) Maybe a little dialogue and exposition heavy, but it’s designed to be a jumping on point, so that’s understandable.
3) The art, especially the splash pages, is stunning.



Indestructible Hulk Annual #1

1) Bruce Banner and Tony Stark bantering and bs-ing and snarking and perfection.
2) The story was a little predictable, but still a lot of fun.
3) Liked the art, but the inconsistencies of what Bruce Banner looks like is still distracting.

Liked a lot.


Inhumanity #1

1) Despite giving up on Infinity, I didn’t feel at all lost when reading this issue. It gives just enough information to fill you in.
2) Hawkeye feels like Hawkeye!
3) I know very little about the Inhumans, but I definitely want to know more, even after only one issue.



Iron Man #19

1) Love the interactions between Tony and Arno.
2) Pepper meets P.E.P.P.E.R!
3) Not entirely sold on the art, but it’s not terrible.



The Movement #7

1) Too many plot lines means a lot of interesting stories but none have time to really develop.
2) Love seeing Vengeance Moth have a chance to shine.
3) Even with an overabundance of story lines, this issue moved fast.

Liked a lot.


Swamp Thing #26

1) Like seeing Seeder’s backstory from two different perspectives at the same time.
2) Because we were seeing most of the issue through the eyes of a character not actually involved in the action, it felt a little odd.
3) I might have preferred an issue that was entirely flashback, rather than back and forth between past and present.



Trillium #5

1) I’m still pretty sure this is one of the most amazing comics I have ever read.
2) The duality of the panels (the lower half of the book is inverted) is fascinating, with some lining up perfectly and others being just slightly off, leaving us feeling like there is something not quite right.
3) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re not reading Trillium, stop reading this page and go pick it up.



Velvet #2

1) Just enough backstory to make you want to know more.
2) Interesting characters mixed with a lot of action.
3) And again, spy thrillers aren’t usually my preferred genre, but this is truly fantastic.



Young Avengers #13

1) I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m really going to miss Kid Loki.
2) Miss America kicks all sorts of a**.
3) Honest, realistic relationships that kids would have.



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