Comics: Mini Rambles – November 27, 2013


Avengers Assemble #21

1) Interaction and banter between the characters was great.
2) Story was very simple, but fun.
3) So glad to finally be done with Infinity tie-ins.



Doctor Who #15

1) While I love Westerns, this is now becoming more of a Western-SciFi story, and that’s even better.
2) The scene in the T’keyn Nexus is brilliant.
3) Every character’s voice is perfect, and Oscar Wilde makes a fantastic companion.



FF #14

1) How does this book keep getting so much better?
2) It still straddles the line of serious and hysterical in exactly perfect amounts.
3) Nude hot spring bathing on the moon. Yes, you read that right.



The Flash #25

1) Another Zero Year tie-in that doesn’t really tie into the event.
2) If you take it as a stand-alone issue, it’s actually a good story, if a bit rushed.
3) Love the art, love the colors.

Liked, but completely unnecessary.


Hawkeye #14

1) Hawkeye rescues a flower. Yep.
2) I’m always back and forth on Kate Bishop. I like her, but I don’t love her. I’m definitely starting to adore her though.
3) Simple, subtle story that’s a lot bigger than you’d expect at first glance.



Indestructible Hulk #16

1) Adored the part where Bruce Banner tries to create something only to discover one of his peers already did.
2) Oh that’s right, this book had a supporting cast once upon a time.
3) Not a big fan of the art. Everyone looks slightly different than usual.



Justice League Dark #25

1) The first part of an eighteen part crossover that continues from a crossover that came from another crossover.
2) Lots of information given very quickly, so it didn’t slow the plot down at all, though it felt a little rushed at times.
3) Really loved Swamp Thing at the beginning of the issue, but he seemed very underused after that.



Larfleeze #5

1) An absurdly fun story that turns captivatingly serious near the end.
2) Stargrave dealing with travel security!
3) The details in the art are stunning.

Not quite loved, but very close.


Never Ending #1

1) A superhero comic that is about so much more than that.
2) I’m not entirely sure what the arch nemesis’ motivation for trying to kill the hero is, but it’s only the first issue.
3) Love the bouncing back and forth through time to tell the story.

Really, really, really liked.


Pretty Deadly #2

1) Significantly less confusing than the last issue, but still leaves you with questions.
2) Visually it feels like the old west. Dusty, an busy, and alive, all at the same time.
3) A couple of wording choices threw me. In particular, binder doesn’t me what my instinct wants to say it does.



Saga #16

1) Answers and questions and more questions and can I have some more now please?
2) Another issue where the less major characters (they’re not really minor at this point) are just as interesting and important as the main characters.
3) I like quiet character building, but I definitely wouldn’t say no to a bit more action.



Talon #13

1) There was a point in time when this story was fun. It’s happened gradually, but where did that go?
2) Many of the characters either seem very one-dimensional or completely uninteresting.
3) Does Felix Harmon change size from panel to panel?

Okay. Not horrible, but not good.


Teen Titans #25

1) Like that we’re finally staring to learn the secret about Kid Flash’s past.
2) For a team book, it spends a lot of time focusing on one character at a time.
3) A cliffhanger for a different book. Yay?

Better than it’s been, but still not very good.


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