Comics: Mini Rambles – November 20, 2013


Animal Man #25

1) Love the fact that this book is still about a superhero who also has a family.
2) The Brother Blood arc is fine, but isn’t drawing me in the way previous storylines did.
3) That ending looks fantastic, but it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Liked a lot.


Avengers A.I. #6

1) The conversation between Hank Pym and Vision was gorgeous.
2) Fruit Loops!
3) Loved the art this issue.

Loved. Remember when I said I was thinking about dropping this title? I am so so so glad I didn’t.


Batman and Two-Face #25

1) For a story titled Batman and Two-Face, there hasn’t been a whole lot of Two-Face in it.
2) There’s a flashback scene that doesn’t indicate that it takes place in the past, which is kind of confusing and very disruptive.
3) I still really like the art.

It was alright. Nothing special, nothing particularly engrossing. I like the idea of the revolving second character in this book, but it worked better one issue per character, rather than a multi-issue arc.


Daredevil #33

1) The guest characters felt very underused.
2) Isn’t Matt Murdock Catholic? It seems a wasted opportunity to not mention or use that fact during the scene with the Devil.
3) Liked the twist at the end.

Liked. Wasn’t my favourite issue, but as close to perfect as the series is, it was bound to eventually have a miss here and there.


Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #12

1) Complete and total fan service. Which, in this situation, is in no way a bad thing.
2) Love the art.
3) Nothing happened that any fan of Doctor Who couldn’t have predicted, but I never expected it to.

Sometimes stories don’t have to be perfect for them to be great. This series ended by giving the fans exactly what they wanted.


Fantastic Four #14

1) Some brilliant ideas wrapped in a story that doesn’t quite work.
2) Definitely less confusing than last month, and some of those confusing elements have actually become important.
3) There were some scenes/conversations/moments that felt very abrupt.

It was okay. Not great, but not terrible. I know this arc (and volume) is coming to an end soon, and it seems like everything is moving a little too fast now.


Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #2

1) Villains with a code of honor. It might just be their own code, but it’s still there.
2) This mini-series seems like it’s going to be the Rogues vs the other villain of the month. Not a bad thing, but I’d kind of hoped for more.
3) A lot of this issue covered events that were already shown in Forever Evil.

Liked. If nothing else, I think the Rogues would benefit from their own ongoing series.


Indestructible Hulk #15

1) Even though this is the finale of an arc, it feels more like a setup for the next arc instead.
2) The art felt unfocused. I had no problem with the style, but I couldn’t tell where to look at times.
3) Hulk squared!

Liked. Looking forward to this story not being about time anymore (and this comes from someone who has always been fascinated by time travel stories).


Red Hood and the Outlaws #25

1) A Zero Year tie-in that doesn’t involve Batman. In this story, that was the perfect decision.
2) I’ve been back and forth with the art in this book lately, but I really liked this issue.
3) The inconsistencies between this and Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 were confusing, but I’m willing to give it a pass by saying events vary based on who’s perspective we see them from.

Like a lot. And it’s been a while since I said that about this series.


Sex Criminals #3

1) Events are finally circling back around to the bank robbery from the first issue. Still a lot of questions though.
2) There’s a moment when the story shifts from Jon’s story to Suzie breaking the fourth wall that doesn’t quite work. It took a reread to realise what had happened.
3) Fraction and Zdarsky’s captions over the speech bubbles were adorable, but seemed to go on just a little too long.

Still loving.


Young Avengers #12

1) That moment that you realise you have no idea what’s really going on and anything can happen and it’s fantastic.
2) Utterly and completely gorgeous.
3) I am not a big fan of Loki, but I continue to find myself liking this version of him.

Do I really need to say LOVED?


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