Comics: Mini Rambles – November 13, 2013


Batman #25

1) Wish we’d gotten to “see” the blackout, rather than just being told there was one.
2) Really liked the conversation between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. Looking forward to seeing what develops from there.
3) Maybe I’m missing something, but what was the relevance of the words on the helmet at the end?

LOVED. But why on earth was it $4.99?


Constantine #8

1) Interesting to see how Constantine thinks.
2) The art is still gorgeous.
3) Completely thrown off by the timeline inconsistencies. We’re in the middle of Forever Evil, so why does this take place during Trinity War?

Fine, but nothing special.


Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #11

1) Finally an issue that progresses the arc we’ve been getting hints about for the past ten months.
2) I could quite happily look at the page showing all the companions for ages. In fact, I might have spent a solid fifteen minutes doing just that.
3) As with the previous issues, this isn’t a super unique idea, but it’s done well and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the finale.

Liked a lot.


Fearless Defenders #11

1) As much as I’m loving this book, the storyline has felt a bit unfocused lately.
2) With a group as large as this one, I understand it’s hard to focus on everybody, but it feels like we haven’t learned a whole lot about anyone.
3) Is there a rule somewhere that two lesbians in one back have to get together?

Liked, didn’t love. Still sad it’s ending.


Federal Bureau of Physics #5

1) Glad to finally be getting some background on earlier events.
2) Adam is getting solid character development.
3) I kind of miss seeing the absolute insanity of “broken” physics, but it’s not enough to stop my enjoyment of the story.

Liked. Still intrigued enough to keep reading.


Justice League of America #9

1) Covered the same events as the last issue, just from another perspective.
2) I do like seeing Stargirl and Martian Manhunter get more screen time.
3) Too many different artists was distracting.

Eh. It felt like this issue was a placeholder; here to kill time without anything happening.


Nightwing #25

1) I adore Dick Grayson. And I adore that the version of the character I love is still so present in this younger version.
2) A Zero Year tie-in that doesn’t feature Batman. I’m perfectly happy with this.
3) Amygdala might be too powerful a villain for Dick Grayson to take on, but he needed to face something bigger than himself.



Worlds Finest #17

1) I’m honestly not even sure what to say about this one anymore.
2) Usually I’d at least comment that the art is good, but there were a couple of points that really threw me off.
3) Powergirl is trying to fix the problems with her powers by sunbathing in space. Yeah.

I think I’m finally done with this book.


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