Comics: Mini Rambles – November 6, 2013


Captain Marvel #17

1) Post-Infinity, and we return to the memory loss storyline. Still fantastic, despite the multiple issue gap for the event.
2) The supporting cast is just as strong as the lead.
3) This is the last issue of this volume of Captain Marvel (it’ll be back next year with new numbering), yet this issue is as good a last issue as it would be a first.



Daredevil Dark Nights #6

1) Not a particularly exciting or original story, but definitely an entertaining one so far.
2) Some of the jokes are a little much at times.
3) Possibly because I’m on a Daredevil kick right now, but it’s great seeing other writer’s take on the character.

Liked. Nothing super special, but well written and fun.


Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #10

1) The companion for this issue could have been anyone; there was nothing in the plot to necessitate Martha versus any other companion (and I like Martha).
2) The characters’ voices were great.
3) After the reveal of the villain last issue, I expected more than a couple of panels at the very end of the issue to address him.

Nothing special, but enjoyable.


Earth 2 #17

1) With a new writer, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book now. But the storylines that James Robinson left have been very effectively picked up by Tom Taylor.
2) Why was Batman on the cover?
3) The art continues to be absolutely spectacular.

Liked. I’ve been up and down with Earth 2 for the last few months, but right now I’m definitely on an upswing with it. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.


Forever Evil #3

1) Villains aren’t all the same, and sometimes we may have to depend on them to save the world.
2) I like the pace at which we’re finding out what happened to the Justice Leagues.
3) Having to read tie-in stories bothers me, regardless of the fact that I’m already reading them.

Liked a lot.


Green Arrow #25

1) A Zero Year tie-in, but it gives a valid excuse for Oliver Queen to be in Gotham and leads to a fun story.
2) The art change between the main story and the back up is startling, but the styles make sense for those particular events.
3) Enjoyed seeing how and why Diggle knows Oliver, but it feels like a story that could have been integrated into non-Zero Year issues, without disrupting the flow of the ongoing story.

Enjoyed a lot. Even though it feels a little unnecessary, it was still quite good.


Iron Man #18

1) Seems like a bit of an introduction to the bigger story.
2) Wish the opening scene had been shorter.
3) Love the relationship between Tony and Arno and very much anticipating where it goes.

Liked a lot.


The Movement #6

1) Diplomacy through ice cream.
2) It’s good to have the focus back on characters like Mouse, who really do just want to help.
3) Love the social media caption boxes.

Liked a lot.


Swamp Thing #25

1) It’s fascinating seeing two characters with very similar powers using them completely differently.
2) Even though it’s essentially one very long fight scene, it’s an incredibly good fight scene that shows the creativity and intelligence of the characters.
3) The art is absolutely perfect.



Trillium #4

1) Past and future are starting to come together.
2) The use of language, and the inability to always understand it, is brilliant.
3) Why is this only an eight issue miniseries? (I know, I know, but it’s so good, I’d be perfectly happy to keep reading it forever.)



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