Comics: Mini Rambles – October 30, 2013


Avengers A.I. #5

1) Hank Pym trying to hack his brain.
2) Just enough mysteries answered as questions formed to be intriguing.
3) Doombot.

A significant improvement from last issue, when I was seriously considering dropping this book. I’m still not completely sold on it, but I’m willing to give it some more time.


Nightwing Annual #1

1) A simple, self-contained story with fantastic interaction between Nightwing and Batgirl.
2) How did Firefly make a suit that creates flames?
3) An annual was the perfect place for this story. It doesn’t (at least so far) impact the ongoing story, and we don’t have to wait a month for its conclusion.

Liked a lot.


Saga #15

1) A quieter issue, as characters try to find normal.
2) More questions than answers, but good questions. Questions that make next month seem so far away.
3) The art, like always, is spectacular.



Swamp Thing Annual #2

1) Training the hero for the upcoming battle sounds like an overused plot device, but when it’s done well, it really works.
2) The art, and the details within the art, are stunning.
3) Usually it’s show not tell, but this issues shows and tells with perfect balance, and never once does it feel like you’re being told that someone is powerful rather than being shown how powerful they are.



Teen Titans Annual #2

1) Are we supposed to have any clue what’s going on in this story? I understand the bouncing around time part, but what’s up with Superboy?
2) Love the idea of possible futures, but why is Beast Boy green?
3) Some great ideas, but a bit of a mess of a story.

Sigh. I want to like Teen Titans, but I really don’t right now. I’ll hang around to find out what’s happening with Kid Flash, but unless something drastic changes, I think I’m done.


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