Comics: Mini Rambles – October 23, 2013


Daredevil #32

1) Somehow completely serious at the same time as utterly absurd.
2) It’s an issue that includes a bunch of characters I’ve never heard of, but that’s okay, because we’ll be given enough information to figure it out.
3) The back and forth between Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson is exactly what a discussion between two long time friends should sound like.

LOVE. Horrified to discover it will be ending at issue 36.


Doctor Who #14

1) Even when it feels like a standard Doctor Who television episode, it’s a lot of fun.
2) The Doctor’s interactions with… everyone, sound perfect.
3) Can we have a Doctor and Oscar Wilde having adventures story? Please?



FF #13

1) Still balancing that thin line between serious and insane, and working absolutely perfectly.
2) The Watcher has a <redacted>?!
3) The fact that this book is ending in just three issues is devestating.



The Flash #24

1) Is it just me or did Reverse Flash seem to be a bit of a whiny child?
2) Conceptually this was a brilliant idea. The final battle, however, seemed to end rather suddenly.
3) It will never get old to say that the art in the Flash is stunning.



Indestructible Hulk #14

1) Utterly insane, as we see various versions of the Hulk in increasingly absurd locations. And it works.
2) The change in artist midway through the issue was kind of distracting.
3) The last page!


Iron Man #17

1) Well that was rather unexpected.
2) I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I really like the twist at the end.
3) It took a second read to realise there’s not actually any typical action scenes in this issue.

Liked quite a bit, can’t wait to see where the story goes now.


Justice League #24

1) Incredibly awesome to see the twists on what the Justice League is supposed to be.
2) I feel like I may be missing some of the intensity by not having any prior knowledge of the Crime Syndicate.
3) As someone who doesn’t generally like stories about villains, I can’t believe I’m about to say this. I’d really like an Earth 3 story set pre-Forever Evil.

Surprised to say how much I liked this one.


Justice League Dark #24

1) I like Constantine a lot more in Justice League Dark than in his own book.
2) The art, and particularly the last page, is amazing.
3) I know nothing about Nightmare Nurse, but she didn’t really capture my interest at all.

I hadn’t realised Justice League Dark was about to start a new event, so I may take a break from it for a while. But I’m definitely going back once Blight is over.


Pretty Deadly #1

1) Western meet fairy tale. Shake, add some mystery. Result, brilliance.
2) Occasionally confusing about what exactly is happening, but that’s just an excuse to read it again.
3) The art style isn’t one I usually like, but it works gloriously in this story.

LOVE. Do we really have to wait a month for more?


Sex Criminals #2

1) Last month we found out how Suzie discovered her powers. This month is Jon’s story. Completely different, but just as realistic.
2) Don’t we learn that sex is supposed to be something we’re embarrassed by? So how is this series that very explicitly portrays it so not embarrassing?
3) I’m not quite sure where the story is going, but it’s only two issues in, and there’s plenty of time to find out.

LOVE. My comic shop joked that I made a beeline for this book when I picked it up yesterday. There’s a reason for that.


Talon #12

1) Nowhere near as fast paced as usual.
2) Santa Prisca can move…? Um, what?
3) I wish Felix Harmon’s story had stayed a legend, and not been shown in flashback.

Decent, but not great.


Teen Titans #24

1) I want to like Teen Titans. It’s just not making it easy to do.
2) Too many scattered plot lines with not even sort of enough information to figure out what’s going on.
3) Still waiting to get some conclusion to story lines from months ago. I’m starting to doubt it’s ever going to happen.

*sigh* Before the New52, Teen Titans was always one of my favourite books. It makes me sad how much I’m thinking about dropping it.


Velvet #1

1) A spy story set in the 1970s, that doesn’t start out with a secret mission, but rather the aftermath of one.
2) Just enough mystery to be compelling without being confusing.
3) The art is magnificent.

As someone who doesn’t generally like spy stories, this is brilliant.


Young Avengers #11

1) I’m kind of getting tired of Mother.
2) The big reveal was kind of spoiled by an NYCC announcement, but it was still neat to see, and I don’t even like the character that much.
3) The issue felt like a stepping stone to the next bit of action, but with some great moments.

Liked. A lot. Didn’t love though.


One response to “Comics: Mini Rambles – October 23, 2013

  • MASHFanficChick

    My condolences on the impending loss of Daredevil and FF. Great reviews, though, as always; in particular, your review of Velvet makes me willing to consider picking it up.

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