Comics: Mini Rambles – October 16, 2013


Animal Man #24

1) Creepy, haunting, gorgeous art.
2) It sounds odd to say, but the lettering was amazing.
3) Animal Man is powerless and will eventually have to face Brother Blood.



Batman and Two Face #24

1) The first couple of pages are absolutely amazing.
2) I miss when Batman and Robin was more than Batman and random second character of the month.
3) Is there a reason this wasn’t part of Villain’s Month?

Eh, it was okay. Hoping the story improves as this arc continues.


Fantastic Four #13

1) A confusing plot that makes it challenging to tell who the story is focused on.
2) The banter between the villains was great.
3) Missing a lot of the charm that made me love this series.

Still going to keep reading, because one issue won’t make me drop it, but I can only hope next month is better.


Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #1

1) Always good to be reminded that the Rogues are not actually evil. “Our powers were never about superhero and supervillain crap . . . we’re about the score.”
2) The change in art styles was distracting.
3) Villains vs villains. Rogues vs Crime Syndicate. I’m not the type to cheer for the bad guy, but I find myself enjoying exactly that right now.

Liked quite a bit.


Hawkeye #13

1) There are no words for how much I have missed this book.
2) The balance between the darkness and the lighter moments in this story are perfect.
3) Even though the jumping around with time and perspectives (both in this issue and in the series in general) can be a little distracting, it’s also an excuse to go back and read previous issues. Y’know, ’cause I need an excuse.



Justice League of America #8

1) Glad to finally be getting some information about what happened to the Justice Leagues after Trinity War.
2) Seeing how the prison plays on the psychology of the characters is fascinating.
3) Was the end supposed to be dramatic?

Enjoyed, and looking forward to getting more information about Forever Evil.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #24

1) Are we supposed to have any clue what’s going on?
2) Roy Harper’s scenes were the highlight of the issue. Simple and relatively real.
3) I am looking forward to next month’s Zero Year tie-in. Here’s hoping we go back to the simpler look at the characters we love.

Not dropping yet, but it’s getting closer and closer. I’ll see what happens after next month.


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