New York Comic Con – October 11-13, 2013


I have issues with New York Comic Con. My biggest is simply the size. The Javitz Center isn’t big enough to hold 130,000 people. And while it doesn’t effect me directly, the fact that panels fill up hours before the panel actually starts isn’t exactly a good thing. There’s also a lack of communication that makes things like getting in line to enter the convention a challenge.


But despite a few problems, this year really was a lot of fun. I met new people, got to do some things that I’ve never done before, and generally really enjoyed myself.


After a surprisingly smooth morning of travel, I arrived in New York City and began to walk towards the convention. There was an apparent lack of communication, as convention attendees walking down 9th and 10th Avenues were being sent to 38th Street, at which point we were told to turn around and walk back to the end of the line. Which was at 34th. But despite the significant extra walking time, actual entry to the convention was easy. There had been some worry about the tap in/tap out process with the badges, but in the end, there was nothing to worry about. Tapping in was quick and easy, and tapping out was done at a specific point at the edge of the property, not at the doors, as had been feared. Attendees were left with plenty of room to leave the building without leaving the convention itself.


I’ve always used Friday as my day to get a feel for the layout of the convention, snag some autographs, and pick up the heavy things that I don’t want to carry around all weekend. So into Artist’s Alley I went, where I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Weeks, Peter Tomasi, Dustin Nguyen, Nicola Scott, and James Tynion IV, and catching up with Christopher Jones. I even managed to run into Matthew Dow Smith, who I haven’t seen in ages. And when I braved the insanity of the show floor, I also got to meet Kelly Sue DeConnick, which was one of the highlights of the weekend.




I picked up a few comics, though it seemed there were less this year than last, or maybe just less cheap ones. Either way, my back appreciated not carrying around 50lbs of books. Eventually I caught up with friends, did some more meandering through the craziness, and headed back home to get some sleep for Saturday.




Saturday is always the craziest of the crazy. I was spending the day dressed as Hawkeye, so on top of the crowds, I was navigating the insanity in a costume. A simple costume, but a costume nonetheless. I’ll admit that by the end of the day, I was glad to shed costume pieces, but it went incredibly well otherwise.


Anyways, Saturday quickly became art day. Lots and lots of art. Talking to artists, buying prints, drooling over pieces I could never afford. Even braving the complete madness of the show floor to pick up “You’ll Be Safe Here” from Dean Trippe. And while I was trying to navigate amongst the thousands of people swarming the convention, I got to meet another person on my excited-to-meet list, Kieron Gillen.


That evening was the Young Justice meetup. Lots of pictures were taken, but don’t expect to find me in many (any?), since I ended up taking quite a few of them. I did have the realisation that even though I still love cartoons, and probably always will, I occasionally feel old when surrounded by other fans. It’s not a bad thing, just an observation. Maybe it’s just that it was the end of a long day and I was tired.


There were less specific events that made Saturday fun, it was just a generally fun day. And closing it out with dinner and friends just made it all the better.


And then came Sunday, the last day of NYCC. This time we aimed for arriving slightly earlier, as there was a NOH8 photoshoot that I was NOT missing. I’ve tried to make it to the shoots in the past, but any time they were close to me was somehow during a time when I couldn’t get there. Work hours, weddings, out of town, etc. So this was my other big exciting plans for the weekend. And it was amazing. The official picture is still weeks away, but I did get a shot of myself after I’d put my costume of the day back on.


After some final wandering through Artist’s Alley (and some more buying of art) and a final lunch with friends, it was time to call it a year.

New York Comic Con is fun, though thoroughly overwhelming. And if it were any further away, I honestly don’t think I’d keep attending it. But for my hour and a half train ride, it’s more than worth the time and money.


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