Comics: Mini Rambles – October 9, 2013

Sorry about the lateness, New York Comic Con may have interfered slightly.


Avengers A.I. #4

There are so many things I want to like about this book, but it’s just not working for me. There are a lot of concepts that aren’t followed through with, or that could be amazing, but just don’t work. And even though there are also some good points, I think I may give this one more issue before I decide to drop it.


Batman #24

This is a new take on an origin story that’s been told before, but it’s a brilliant new take. It’s also one that feels completely different. And even at the $7 price tag this month, it was completely worth it.


Constantine #7

Still unread due to convention. Will try to review it for the upcoming week’s mini rambles.


Federal Bureau of Physics #4

Privatized control of physics. Yep, you read that right. FBP smoothly slides from a bizarre and amazing world of broken physics to a crime story. And while crime stories aren’t really my interest, I’m still intrigued enough by the premise to stick with it.


Fearless Defenders #10

An Infinity tie-in that works just as well as a stand-alone story. We’re introduced to Ren Kimura, who’s hands are razor sharp and who’s fingers can extend like long ribbons. And while there are many things I don’t normally like in this issue (new characters introduced to join a team, narration from that character’s perspective), it works absolutely perfectly.


Nightwing #24

Even with high expectations for the Prankster that didn’t quite pay off, this was a fantastic issue. Seeing Nightwing interact with the man who killed his parents, and seeing Tony Zucco as not entirely evil, felt very real. There were some bits that didn’t quite make sense, but they can be forgiven in exchange for a good story.


Worlds Finest #16

I want to like this book, I want to like this book. But the good issues have been far outweighed by the… less than good ones, and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep hoping it improves again.


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