Comics: Mini Rambles – October 2, 2013


Daredevil Dark Knights #5

It’s not a complicated issue, as Daredevil chases a ten inch little man who is carrying a bomb and intending to kill the man who had his cousin murdered. And all the while, the Avengers are battling a giant monster. But the plot isn’t the best part of the story. The best part is seeing Daredevil forced to think about his ethics and the right thing to do. The craziness of the story is an added bonus.


Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #9

The Ninth Doctor and Rose’s voices were perfect. The adventure is good, but dealt with easily. The important point is that the bad guy from the previous eight issues is finally revealed, and it’s definitely a surprise.


Earth 2 #16

I’ve been back and forth about whether I was going to keep this book on my pull list, but after this issue, I’m definitely coming back for more. A war that looks like a war. Art that is absolutely stunning. And an honestly shocking ending, that makes me want to know what’s going to happen next.


Forever Evil #2

I’m really not a big fan of villains, but we’re potentially relying on Lex Luthor to save the world. And I’m actually okay with that. The Teen Titans scenes felt like unnecessary set up for another story. I enjoyed the interactions between the members of the Crime Syndicate. But the best part of the book was the last scene.


Green Arrow #24

I know nothing about Count Vertigo, and after reading this issue, I want to know more. I’m even considering going back to his villain’s month story, and I completely avoided villain’s month. This was a brilliant story, framed by stunning art. I could feel the intensity flowing off the pages.


Iron Man #16

Even though it lacks a bit of suspense (who thought Tony Stark couldn’t hack his way out of the Godkiller?), and includes a rather awkward time jump, this issue also had some wonderful moments. Finding out what made 451 do what he did, Tony and the slice of pizza, and the cliffhanger at the end.


Mighty Avengers #2

The street level action was great, but I’m still not so sure about the cosmic stuff. I like the characters, I really like that there are characters I don’t know much about, and I love that this Avengers team is more of a people’s team. I’m just not sold on the Infinity tie-in part, but I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do beyond the end of that event.


The Movement #5

“Oh no, you might see the skin around my eyes!” This is a superhero book that’s not about superheroes, it’s about people. And the people aren’t easily categorised as good/bad (well, most of them aren’t). They’re individuals, people with completely unique and realistic personalities and possibilities.


Swamp Thing #24

Not a story with a lot of action, but what there was was perfect. It’s good to see this becoming a character driven book again, rather than a universe is in danger story. The Seeder is a fascinating character, even though I feel like I was missing something when his identity was revealed. And Capucine is intriguing. I love that there are new characters, who we really don’t know anything about and can’t just google.


Trillium #3

First, if you’re not reading this, why the hell aren’t you? Second, in three issues, Jeff Lemire has created a world that feels so much bigger than just three issues. The story just keeps getting better and more interesting. The fact that William’s pages are upside down adds so much to the feeling of disconnect between the characters. My biggest (and only) problem is that the upside down pages are almost impossible to read digitally without tweaking some settings. On paper though, it’s perfect.


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