Comics: Mini Rambles – September 25, 2013


Avengers Assemble #19

Should I admit that I’m not actually reading Infinity? I know enough about it to appreciate this tie-in issue though. It’s character focused rather than event focused, and having a much smaller cast of characters makes it feel a lot more personal.


FF #12

It’s a story that’s dark and fun at the same time. It’s a story that somehow makes me like a book about children. And despite there being a ton of characters, it never feels like anyone is being ignored. Oh, and the art and colors just make me smile.


Saga #14

Lots of characters, lots of storylines, and not a thing feels forced or rushed or out of place. As you learn more about each character, things fall into place and you want to know even more about them. Also, flying polka dot sharks.


Sex Criminals #1

Completely not what I expected. Absolutely amazing. Not full of sex jokes. Rather graphic at times. Interesting character, gorgeous art. Why are you still reading this? Go pick it up.


Young Avengers #10

I… think I like Kid Loki. Or maybe intrigued by him is a better description. And even though this issue was lacking the team dynamic (and magic) of previous issues, I definitely want to see what happens next.


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