Comics: Mini Rambles – September 18, 2013


Daredevil #31

Take a real world issue and force a superhero to face it. And make it work. And not only make it work, but make it work perfectly. Without ignoring the non-superhero storylines. Daredevil is fighting its way to the title of my favourite comic.


Doctor Who #13

It is wonderful to have Tony Lee back on the Doctor Who comic. Not that the previous issues haven’t been good, but he knows the characters and the show’s history inside and out and it shows. Maybe it isn’t the most unique story; the Doctor and Clara in the old west, meeting historical figures, companion getting into trouble by not listening to the Doctor; but the voices are perfect. I could hear Matt Smith’s voice saying the Doctor’s lines. And I’m definitely intrigued by the bad guy.


Secret Avengers #9

I’m not entirely sure what happened in this issue, but it’s wonderful to see a book with Avengers in the name that’s not full of constant action. Lots of dialogue, lots of secrets, and even though the pacing is a bit odd, I’m looking forward to finding out what actually happened as the story progresses. And the reveal at the end makes me very, very happy.


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