Baltimore Comic Con, Part 2 – As a Writer

It’s taken some time to accept the fact, but I am a writer. And it’s taken even longer, but I am now (relatively) comfortable telling people that when they ask.

But it’s still weird to say it when surrounded by people whose primary job is writing.

I don’t write fiction, which puts me one step removed from most of the writers at a comic convention. I also don’t write comics; another step removed. What I do is write about comics, about Doctor Who, about random geek related topics.

And you know what? Not a single person treated me differently because I don’t write the same way they do. I sat at the bar and talked to five or six different comic book writers and managed to have a conversation that not once excluded me because I don’t write what they do.

It’s partially because of the size of the convention. Baltimore Comic Con is big, but nothing like NYCC. It feels like a small con that happens to have a lot of attendees. That allows people the opportunity to talk to other people who they normally wouldn’t get to. It’s also partially due to the friendliness of the convention. Guests, staff, fans, etc are welcoming and seem like they want to meet new people.

For me, who isn’t the most outgoing person, the chance to not only talk to people, but to have my opinions and experiences heard, was extraordinary. I got to speak to comic book writers, novelists, artists, editors, bloggers, and even fanfiction writers. And I learned something new from every one of them.

And in the end, I learned a lot about myself as a writer. I’m proud of what I write. It may not be the kind of thing that thousands or hundreds or even tens of people read, but it’s mine. This whole being a writer thing? It’s a process. Physical and mental. And thanks to the people at Baltimore Comic Con, I took another giant step towards being a writer.

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