Comics: Mini Rambles – September 4, 2013


Avengers A.I. #3

Maybe it’s because I am a total computer person, but I’m very intrigued by this book. Do Artificial Intelligences have rights? Or more importantly, should Artificial Intelligences have rights? And what rights should they have? And even though I adore Hank Pym, I find myself more and more interested in the non-human characters instead.


Forever Evil #1

Following on from the end of Trinity War, the Justice Leagues are dead and now it’s time for the villains to take over. I’m not a big fan of villains and I’m completely skipping all the villains month issues, but so far Forever Evil seems pretty solid. And since one of my favourite characters is important to the event, I’ll stick with it, at least for now.


Iron Man #15

Even though it’s another origin of Tony Stark story, it’s also much more than that. The bad guy is interesting and his interactions with Tony are fascinating. And we start to see exactly how far Tony Stark will go when there are no other options.


Trillium #2

Absolute perfection. Different from the first issue, but still utterly perfect. The duality is still completely present, this time shown through a brilliantly illustrated language barrier rather than a split story. In total honesty though, go get this book, it’s amazing.


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