Comics: Mini Rambles – August 28, 2013


Captain Marvel #15

How do you combine the aftermath of a mini-event (Enemy Within) with a big event (Infinity)? Just like this. You don’t take the easy way and say “this takes place before…” No, you tie in the heartbreaking finale of Enemy Within and make it work perfectly in the context of a giant space battle.


Doctor Who Prisoners Of Time #8

A bit of a standard Doctor Who story. Doctor meets companion, companion eventually agrees to go on one trip, TARDIS arrives at planet in trouble, Doctor and companion save the day by making the planet’s inhabitants realise what was actually happening, companion decides to go home rather than continue travelling. But it was a well told standard story, based on a Doctor who was only seen in a 90 minute, not very good, television movie. Plus it’s a new Eighth Doctor story, and having more Eighth Doctor can only be good.


FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #2 (was Collider)

This book was described to me as “a comic book about a world where physics works weird.” It’s the perfect description. Though the build up to the action doesn’t work quite as well as it did in the first issue, when we finally make it into the “where physics works weird” part of the story, it was all worth the wait.


FF #11

The book which snuck it’s way to the top of my stack every month. It’s crazy and bright and gorgeous and somehow deep and intense. This month that craziness includes time travel, Julius Ceasar, and the Impossible Man. And kids who act like kids.


The Flash #23

A fight scene that lasted almost an entire issue, but didn’t bore me in the slightest. Art and colors and effects that felt like they were throwing me forward. And finally, finally, finally, a plot reveal that wasn’t (at least to me) obvious from a mile away.


Justice League #23

An event that is leading directly into another event. But this last chapter of Trinity War has successfully peaked my interest in Forever Evil, so I suppose that means it did its job.


Larfleeze #3

How did a book about a greedy, often annoying, always strange Orange Lantern get to be this good? And then I remember it’s by the guys behind Justice League International (the crazy fun one from the 80s). So it shouldn’t actually be a surprise that this book is fun and bizarre and hysterical. Some of the humor may be a little vulgar, but it’s vulgar at the perfect level.


Talon #11

A lot of action, a lot of storylines, and mostly a cast of new characters so anything can happen to them. As for the guest stars, I have no problem with them showing up on occassion, so long as they don’t become the focus of the book. Bane isn’t a villain I usually like, but this issue of Talon made me at least interested in him, as he was shown as a mirror of Calvin Rose.


Teen Titans #23

I miss the time when I loved Teen Titans. When I first started reading comics and the 70s/80s Teen Titans were my gateway into the comic world. This book just doesn’t do it anymore. I want to like it, mostly because Tim Drake and Bart Allen are two of my favourite characters, but I can’t. Even as I say, “maybe it’ll get better,” I’m starting to lose hope.


Young Avengers #9

There are so many things I shouldn’t like about this book, from the Yamblr pages (tumblr gives me a headache) to Kid Loki (Loki gives me a headache too) to the teen drama. But it’s put together in such a perfect way that not only do I not mind all those things, I actually find myself liking those parts of the story. The only thing I wish is that we got more of some of the less major characters.


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