Comics: Mini Rambles – August 21, 2013


Animal Man #23

An effective combination of superhero and celebrity mixed with a child’s adventure story that will lead into the next arc. And there’s a new bad guy who has the potential to be truly devastating.


Avengers Assemble #18

This is what event tie-in issues should be. I haven’t (yet) read Infinity, but this issue gave me enough information that I could enjoy it without that. I also don’t know much about Spider-Woman, the character who’s perspective we see this story from, but rather than being lost, I want to know more about her.


Batman and Nightwing #23

Maybe a tiny bit repetitive, but beautifully heartbreaking. And without giving anything away, the end took what was left of my broken heart and ripped it just that much more.


Daredevil #30

The Silver Surfer. An alien asking for Matt Murdock’s legal help. It may be a stand-alone issue, but watching Daredevil ride the Silver Surfer’s surfboard was the highlight of this week.


Indestructible Hulk #12

Cowboys and dinosaurs and the Hulk, oh my.  Fun and absurdity, explanations based on science, and the Hulk and Bruce Banner vocally poking sticks at one another. What’s not to love?


Justice League Dark #23

Trinity War, part five. Better than part four, and I love seeing different combinations of characters interacting. But I also know that this story is leading into September’s villain’s month, and because I’m not looking forward to that, it takes a little away from this story.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #23

I want to like Red Hood and the Outlaws. It was one of my favourite books for over a year. But now I realise I really dont want mysticism in my adventure comics, the plot is nothing special, and the art is… well, not particularly great. I’m hanging on because Jason Todd and Roy Harper are two of my favourite characters and there’s nowhere else to get my fix. And I can only hope that things will improve.


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