Comics: Mini Rambles – August 14, 2013


Batman #23

Classic but modern. The Red Hood Gang. The Riddler. A Bruce Wayne who’s not quite Batman yet. And a backup story that’s just as good as the main one.


Doctor Who #12

Grand, exciting, twists and turns. The big bad of the past year finally revealed. This issue really felt like a series finale story of the show.


Fantastic Four #11

First, why does the entire universe adore Valeria? And because of her “perfection,” we tend to lose the fact that she’s still a child. But even with that caveat, Fantastic Four is a brilliant book. It’s bright and… well not happy, but it makes me happy to read.


Justice League of America #7

Did I miss something before this issue? I haven’t been reading the tie-ins, but, really, I shouldn’t have to be reading them. And even besides that, it feels like nothing was actually accomplished. Other than that, Martian Manhunter kicks ass, Lex Luthor is properly villainous, and the Atom is becoming a character I want to know more about.


Nightwing #23

Giving Nightwing separation from Gotham was a perfect decision. The Prankster is an interesting villain, Nightwing has some seriously great lines, and I find myself empathising with Tony Zucco.


Saga #13

One of the best books being written right now. Every character is intriguing and refreshingly unique. The art is absolutely stunning. This issue wasn’t quite as amazing as previous ones, but even a less than perfect Saga is better than almost anything else out there. Now why are you still reading this, go pick it up!


Worlds Finest #15

Predictable but fun. And the art is magnificent.


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