Comic Geek Speak Super Show 2013

Hi, I’m Geek Girl, and I’m a convention addict.

But if you’ve been around for a bit, ya’ll know that already.

Last weekend, I went to a convention I’ve never been to before, the Comic Geek Speak Super Show. I didn’t know what to expect, since the comic book conventions I’ve attended have included New York Comic Con, Wizard World Philadelphia, and Baltimore Comic Con, all shows that bring in tens of thousands of attendees. This felt like it was going to be significantly smaller.

And smaller it was. From the moment I pulled into the parking lot at the Greater Reading Expo Center and didn’t have to drive in circles looking for somewhere to park, I knew that this one was going to be different. The line to get my wristband didn’t wrap around the entire building. The organisers were friendly, knew people, and were happy to answer questions. And not only was the line not absurdly long, the person standing near me knew of my local comic shop. Yep, I was at a convention that was definitely closer to home than usual.

And that was before Super Show got started. Once the doors opened, the differences between this one and my typical conventions became even more apparent. I have never been to a comic convention that didn’t include the fear of getting run over if you stay in one spot too long. At this one, the aisles were wide, guests were happy to chat, and attendees offered to shift out of the way if they thought they were intruding. When I knelt on the ground to look at floor level comics, I didn’t worry that I was going to get stepped on. My biggest fear was whether I’d be able to stand back up.

I spent far too much money, but I have a massive pile of comics to read, some favourites, and some that I’m going to experience for the first time. No one looked at me funny for my choices (a problem I’ve occasionally run into at other events), and people appreciated recommendations. My t-shirts were good ice-breakers, and for someone who isn’t particularly extroverted, that was a very good thing.

While I didn’t make it to any panels, that wasn’t because of crowds or lack of seating. It was because I was meeting  new people, talking to artists and writers, buying comics, and drooling over and purchasing some beautiful artwork. I only wish I’d had the money (and wall space) to buy some more. And if that’s my only regret, I’m okay with that.

CGS Super Show truly emphasised how much I love smaller conventions. When you’re looking at 600 people instead of 60,000 people, the difference is amazingly clear. Sometimes I like being lost in the crowd, but sometimes it’s better to not be a faceless person, lost in the masses. I’ll continue to attend the larger conventions, but the convention I’ll be looking forward to is the next Super Show.


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