Favourite Comics of 2012

This isn’t a list of top comics. This is a (incomplete) list of my personal favourite comics from 2012 (or 2012-ish).

A little over a year ago, I started to seriously read comics. And even though I started with, and continue to happily read, comics that have been long since published, I’ve started to also read many new comics.

Those are the ones I’ll be talking about here.

10) Indestructible Hulk

I was hesitant to list a favourite comic that only had two issues out so far. But in those two issues, I’ve found myself very intrigued by a character that I a) knew almost nothing about, and b) didn’t really have any desire to know more about. And in less than 50 pages, I realised I was caring about Bruce Banner. In fact, it really only took about eight pages before I was hooked.


9) A-Babies vs X-Babies

I picked up A-Babies vs X-Babies because I was $2 short to use my credit card at my local comic shop one day. It is some of the best money I have ever been forced to spend! Cute, funny, adorable, recognisable, truly perfect in every way. It’s only a one-shot, which is both good and bad. I didn’t want to be hooked on another comic at that point in time, but I also really want more of this amazing story.


8) Fantastic Four

As with Indestructible Hulk, I was hesitant to list a comic with only two issues published so far as a favourite. But then I realised, I read the first issue while sitting at my kitchen table waiting for my best friend to be ready to leave for lunch. I bought my own copy that afternoon.  Despite many months of hearing about the Fantastic Four from friends, it took this particular story for me to want to read about them. And then I bought the next issue. And then I realised, I really wanted more.


7) Daredevil

I knew nothing about Daredevil. Absolutely nothing. But as I was inching into reading Marvel, I was trying to follow writers who’s works I’d enjoyed. Mark Waid is one of those writers. So I picked up Daredevil (to the great enjoyment of my comic shop), and was hooked. Utterly and completely hooked. The issues couldn’t come out fast enough, and even reading previous Daredevil stories wasn’t feeding my craving for more.


6) Swamp Thing

I hadn’t intended to read Swamp Thing. I’d heard good things, but I figured it just wasn’t my taste. I was so wrong. Sometimes I have no idea what’s going on (having a total of zero previous experience with the character), but that’s okay. The bits of information the reader is given slowly combine to form a fascinating story.


5) Animal Man

The first time I tried to read Animal Man, I could not get into it. I’d hard fantastic things, and wanted to see for myself. I didn’t even get through the first issue. Sometime between then and my second attempt, something changed. I read issue 1, then 2, and next thing I knew, I’d caught up to current. I couldn’t put it down. Buddy Baker’s family aren’t side characters, they’re an integral part of the story. And more importantly, Animal Man isn’t a story about a superhero, it’s a story about a man who just happens to be a superhero.


4) Nightwing

Dick Grayson has always been one of my favorite characters. He’s strong and kicks ass and is still so very human. Nightwing shows us both sides of that. The superhero and the person are equally important. It’s clear that the writer loves the character, and that love comes across on every page.


3) Batman

There’s no one specific aspect of Batman that I love. It’s more the fact that from its start, everything was new. I haven’t been reading comics for very long, and with Batman, that was okay. The Court of Owls wasn’t based on previous continuity, it was a completely fresh start. And as other characters were introduced (or reintroduced), the new reader was given enough to information to understand them, and the long time reader got to see them with new eyes.


2) Red Hood and the Outlaws

I started reading Red Hood and the Outlaws after hearing how controversial it was. I didn’t expect to fall in love. Roy Harper, Jason Todd, and Kori aren’t a team I’d ever considered, but they work. They’re a trio of dysfunctional individuals who combine to be surprisingly effective. And even if I’ve always been rather fascinated by the two bad boys, Red Hood and the Outlaws is letting me see them on an entirely new level.

I don’t know when or why it happened, but Red Hood and the Outlaws has become one of the titles I most look forward to reading.


1) Hawkeye

From the first page on, Hawkeye is perfection. “This is what he does when he’s not being an Avenger.” That’s all you need to know about the character to start reading. Hawkeye is funny and quirky and absolutely brilliant, without ever being over the top. And with sound effects like, “KERKUFFLE!” and dialogue that includes, ” <Wait, maybe some Italian too?>” every page has something I want to read over and over again.

In six issues, Hawkeye became the top of the pile for this formerly non-Marvel reading Geek Girl. That, I think, says it all.


And there you have it, my (incomplete) list of favourite comics from 2012 (-ish). Agree, disagree, have suggestions? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

But before that, happy New Year to everyone!


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