Chicago Tardis 2012

How do you top perfection?

I didn’t think anything could improve on Chicago Tardis 2011, but somehow 2012 managed it.

And it’s hard to explain exactly why.

…But here is an attempt.

1) Outside In

One year ago, I’d have sworn I wasn’t a writer. In fact, I remember saying exactly that. This year, my first published writing appeared in an amazing book called Outside In (go buy it!) with 159 other people. I got to sit on a very crowded state with other contributors, sign autographs, and pimp out a book that I was part of.

691609411    P1150748

2) Seeing Old Friends

Getting the chance to catch up with friends I only see a few times a year is always special. Sometimes we pick up right where we left off, sometimes we talk about whatever topics come up, and sometimes we just enjoy the rare times we see each other in person. Oh, and sometimes we end up at hanging out in the hot tub for far too long.

P1150723 P1150731 P1150727

3) Meeting New Friends

I’m not particularly outgoing, despite the impression I portray at conventions. But I’ve improved, and this year I found myself talking to people I’d only briefly met in the past, as well as complete strangers. And you know what? Some of those people will be on my “Seeing Old Friends” highlight by the next convention.


4) Picnic in the Lobby

Ordering takeout to eat in the hotel lobby has become something of a Doctor Who convention tradition. This year, we may have inadvertently invited one of the guests to join us. And that’s how we ended up eating Thai on a bunch of stools in the lobby with Ian McNeice.

5) Drinking Games

A few years ago, a friend and I wrote a drinking game for Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes. The one with Gareth David-Lloyd and dinosaurs. And somehow that game is still being talked about. To the point where Burn Gorman (Owen Harper from Torchwood) has now read the rules.

GDL Sherlock Holmes Drinking Game Rules

1 drink for bad CGI
1 drink for whenever Gareth upstages Sherlock
1 drink whenever Sherlock is the shortest person in the room
1 drink when the bastardise a character we all know and love
1 shot for however many fingers can fit between Gareth’s waistcoat bottom & trouser top
1 drink for every gratuitous ass shots of Gareth
1 drink for every costume flaw (like clip on bow tie)
1 drink for whenever Sherlock’s caterpillar eyebrows do the acting for him
1 drink for whenever Sherlock plays Captain Obvious
2 shots if something actually makes sense

If by chance there’s booze left, finish it, you earned it.

So there you have it. Five highlights of Chicago Tardis 2012. There were so many other amazing moments; some that I’m not ready to talk about quite yet, and some that I just can’t put into words.

I’ll finish by saying this: If you’ve never been, come to Chicago Tardis. If you have, come back. It is one incredibly special convention.

P1150744 P1150745 P1150722 P1150746


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