Baltimore Comic Con – September 8-9, 2012

Once in a very long while, a convention comes along that completely changes your perspective. I’ve written about attending comic conventions before. And it makes sense that comic conventions would become much more interesting as my interest in reading comics increased. As I found myself reading more and more comics, I also found myself noticing that many comic cons weren’t really focused on comics.

Then along came Baltimore Comic Con.

Comics, comics, comics. No movies, no tv shows, no wrestlers. Just comics… everywhere. It was glorious.

Far too many days later, and I still haven’t quite finished wrapping my brain around what I want to say. So here is a (starting to become a habit) post convention list of fantastic-ness.

1) The Fans

Fans can make or break a convention. At this one, they took an already amazing con and made it so much better. I’m not particularly outgoing, but I didn’t have to be. People in lines wanted to talk and the definitely didn’t mind my input if something sounded interesting.

2) Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

If you remember my Baltimore Comic Con preview post, you’ll know that I was greatly looking forward to meeting Scott Snyder. I wasn’t, however, planning on meeting him first thing Saturday morning. But when I walked into the convention space, I saw the line growing quickly. So I jumped into it. So worth the wait! Both Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo were incredibly nice, and I got the opportunity to talk, very briefly, with Scott about issue 12 of Batman, which I adored. Plus I got one of Greg’s stunning Clayface sketches.

3) Mark Waid

Mark Waid was another of my “super excited to meet” guests. I would have been perfectly okay waiting in line all day for him. But when I went over, there were only two people there. Into the line I went, and I got to talk about Chicks Dig Comics (since he wrote the intro), the Flash, and Impulse. I was wearing my “not a costume” costume, and after I’d walked away, I had another thought.

And so I ended up with an autographed Impulse hat.

4) Costumes

I am not a cosplayer. But I am friends with a lot of people who are. It’s given me a massive appreciation for costumes of all sorts. There weren’t as many costumes as I had expected, but the ones I saw were fantastic!

5) Meeting New Friends

Conventions bring out my less terrifyingly shy side. I’ll never be great in crowds, but when I was invited to join people I’d only met the previous evening in the bar for dinner, I wasn’t going to say no. And when I ran into those people around the convention the next day, it was like running into friends. I’m sure there are people I won’t stay in contact with outside the convention scene, but there are also people I’ve known for two days that I look forward to talking to more often.

6) Catching Up with Old Friends

The internet makes the world a very small place. And while that is usually a good thing, it means that there are a lot of people whom I meet at one convention, talk to online regularly, but only see once or twice a year. One of those friends is Matthew Dow Smith, who was a very last minute addition to the Baltimore Comic Con guest list. And someone who is very fun to harass, I mean hang out with.

7) Art!

I may have a bit of an art weakness. And by “may,” I mean do, and by “bit,” I mean major. There were hundreds of pieces that I could have bought, except for those pesky limitations of money and space. But it’s always amazing to see what people can create, and I now have a list of artists to look for at New York Comic Con next month.

Needless to say, Baltimore Comic Con was amazing. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at another comic convention the same way again. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, approachable, interesting, and happy to help.

And my first thought when the convention ended… Is it time for next year yet?


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