Comic read-a-long?

As people have probably figured out, I’m really getting into reading comics. Specifically DC comics. New ones, older ones, pretty much anything that someone tells me is good. What I’ve come to realise, however, is that I’m missing something by reading things long after they’ve originally been published.

There’s nobody to talk about them with. So that leads to today’s question.

Would anyone be interested in being part of a comic book club/read-a-long?

I don’t have any specific ideas on what to read, but I think it would add so much to the experience to have people reading the same books at the same time. I’m open to ideas on stories that would work, as well as what the best way to handle an online read-a-long is.

So, yes, no, maybe? Feel free to answer here, twitter, facebook, email, carrier pigeon…


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