Gallifrey One – Why I like getting in a day early

Yesterday, I arrived in Los Angeles for Gallifrey One. Yes, I know, that’s two days before the convention actually starts. It’s so worth it though. I love showing up in the hotel lobby and immediately seeing people that I know. Some I see regularly, some I haven’t seen since last year. But it’s always like suddenly being surrounded by friends and chosen family. I get and give out more hugs in those first fifteen minutes than the rest of the year combined. And I’m not a generally “hug-gy” type person.

Arriving on Wednesday also gives me Thursday to hang around and do nothing. I get to plant myself in the lobby with my laptop, do some writing, and wait for more friends to show up. Once that happens, I go on my yearly booze run and catch up with friends I rarely get to see. Talking to people on twitter and facebook can never compare to seeing them in person. Like right now, as I’m sitting in the lobby, I’ve said good morning and waved at about fifteen people.

And that alone makes showing up in LA a day early worth it. Oh, and I get to miss another day of work. That doesn’t hurt either.


One response to “Gallifrey One – Why I like getting in a day early

  • Five and Dime Girl (@time_siren)

    Heh, I know what you mean, hon. We are coming in tonight after my husband gets home. It’s giving me time to finish up my Gally art show entry, but I have been excited about the con since the Twitter feed has heated up with everyone’s updates about packing, flying and driving in. This is the best crowd in the world and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They truly are an extended family!

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