Maybe I am a Writer After All…?

Sometimes you have to take chances to succeed.
Sometimes you’ll discover that you can do things that you’d never have imagined.
Sometimes you’ll fail.
Sometimes failure is the motivation you need to get better.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was questioning whether I could consider myself a writer. And I concluded after a long mental ramble (Not Really a Writer?) that maybe, maybe the next time someone asked if I wrote, I’d be able to say yes.

And someone asked.

And I answered.

Granted, the question was through a website looking for new staff writers. And the answer was in the form of an email with samples of my writing. But I decided that it was time to put myself out there, and see what could happen.

Three days later I got a response.

They liked my samples and wanted to offer me a position as a writer for Fandomania.

I’m not abandoning Geek Girl Ramblings, I don’t think I could. It was the first step in finding the platform I could use to really express myself. But I may be posting here slightly less often for a bit, as I figure out where the line is between what I write for Fandomania and what I want to keep here.

My first article has already been submitted, now I’m just waiting for it to be posted. The next time someone asks me, “Do you write?” I’ll really be able to say, “Yes, yes I do.”

And sometimes you’ll try something, so far outside your comfort zone it’s
almost unimaginable, and suddenly realise you can fly.

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