Comics, help?! Where do I start?

I am need of assistance. This is normally the kind of thing I’d use to Twitter to beg for help with, but the question is a little longer than really appropriate for that platform.


This past weekend I found myself in the mood to read comics. So I dug out my box and tried to decide what to read. Nothing caught my attention, so I figured okay, I’d watch a movie instead. And upon searching my movie collection, I found my Batman and Superman dvds. Which answered the question of what type of comics I wanted to read.

And therein lies the question.

I have almost no experience in the DC Universe. Most of the comics I read are either standalone or tie in to current tv shows and movies. I don’t know where to start reading in a universe that’s existed for… forever. I know that I can get a lot of the backstory from various places on the internet, but I really do like to read the stories, rather than just read about them.

So help me, oh people of the online world. Where do I start?


Feel free to answer here, on twitter (@geekramblings or @mirnell), or by email at


2 responses to “Comics, help?! Where do I start?

  • MASHFanficChick

    I have no idea how DC works, but if it’s anything like Marvel, they probably have origin/early issue compilations (like the Fantastic Four one I was reading at DWNY, or the Avengers one I keep in my backpack; those are each issues 1-10, though the Avengers one really requires the concurrently-running individual character comics to get the full background) you can buy for not too much money; I think the Marvel ones I have were $20 each. After that, I can’t help you: between the time and the money involved (especially because of the multiple universes in Marvel), I’ve made the decision to NOT get into it. I did, however, Twitter-message the name of someone who can; someone you already know. Good luck!

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