Chicago Tardis

Does it sound strange if I say that my favourite parts of conventions tend to have nothing to do with the conventions themselves? It’s something I’ve always kind of known, but finally began to really understand while I was at Chicago Tardis over Thanksgiving weekend.

I’ve also found myself having a very hard time deciding exactly what to write about the convention. After starting and trashing four different posts, I finally figured out the problem. There are a LOT of things I want to write about. But almost all of them deserve their own articles. So that’s probably what’s going to happen. For the next few weeks/months, there will likely be a string of topics that were inspired by events and discussions I had at Chicago Tardis.

But since ya’ll came here to hear me ramble about the weekend, here is a somewhat simplified ramble (also commonly referred to as a list), about stuff that happened or things I learned.

So… in no particular order…

-I might know too many podcasters.

-I definitely know too many writers.

***Neither of those things is a negative, merely observations***

-Sitting on a panel when you have no voice is hard.

-Whiskey is wonderful, but dangerous.

-Inspector Spacetime is brilliant!

-I’m not as horribly shy as I used to be.

-Having friends who seem to actually want me around is an extraordinary feeling.

-Even though I tend to adopt my friend’s friends as my own, I really can find new friends by myself.

-I’m very bad at pimping this blog, even though I tried.

-I may need to order extra ribbons for Gally. For a ribbon-lite convention, I gave out a ton!

-Tripod. I need a portable tripod if I’m going to be filming any more panels. After an hour of filming the podcasting panel, I couldn’t move my shoulder. (My video of the podcast panel is available to download here, if anyone’s interested)

-It’s wonderful to be able to breathe without coughing. Yes, that sounds logical, but it took my body awhile to understand that.

-Airports are a ton more interesting when you run into new convention friends while looking for coffee.

-Explaining asexuality to people gets easier the more times I do it.

-The confusion and ensuing discussions about sexuality, therefore, tend to be absolutely fascinating.

-It’s incredibly amusing when people I know from different conventions introduce me to each other.

-Target on Black Friday is scary.

-Tea is love. (Yes, I knew that before, but considering how much of it I drank, it needs to be re-emphasised).

-I may not consider myself a writer, but I also may need to redefine my idea of writing.

-Being a not-crazy-fangirl will eventually pay off.

-The lobby is often more interesting than the panels.

-Sometimes the people that I was most looking forward to meeting aren’t the ones I’ll remember the fondest.

-And sometimes they are.

So there you have it, my by-no-means-complete list of things I learned at Chicago Tardis. Some of the list will be expanded on in future posts, a few of which are already written in fact, but I’m happy to talk about almost anything else too.

And I’d love to hear about things you might put on your own lists. This is only one Geek Girl’s perspective, and there’s a limit to how many places I can be at any one time!


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